CSL2000 - 1st call for participation


                              CSL 2000

           14th Annual Conference of the European Association
                   for Computer Science Logic (EACSL)

                Fischbachau, Germany, August 21-26, 2000


        1. ORGANIZATION                 4. REGISTRATION 
        2. SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM           5. GRANTS
        3. SOCIAL PROGRAM               6. LOCATION and ACCOMODATION
                                        7. TRAVEL INFORMATON



CSL 2000 is the 14th Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer
Science Logic.

Program commitee:
Peter Clote (Muenchen, co-chair), Stephen Cook (Toronto), Kevin Compton (Ann Arbor),
Laurent Fribourg (Cachan), Erich Graedel (Aachen), Gerhard Jaeger (Bern), Klaus
Keimel (Darmstadt), Jan Willem Klop (Amsterdam), Jan Krajícek (Praha), Daniel Leivant
(Bloomington), Tobias Nipkow (Muenchen), Helmut Schwichtenberg (Muenchen, co-chair),
Moshe Vardi (Houston)

Any questions about the organization should be sent to



The scientific program includes 28 papers selected from 69 submissions, and
9 invited lectures including those for the symposium in honour of Yuri Gurevich. 

Preliminary Program:

Monday,  Aug 21
Late Afternoon: Arrival and Registration

Tuesday, Aug 22
 8.30  Invited Speaker: Colin Stirling (University of Edinburgh):
         (title to be announced)
 9.30  Break
 9.45  Equational Termination by Semantic Labelling
         Hitoshi Ohsaki, Aart Middeldorp and Juergen Giesl

10.15  Definability over Linear Constraints
         Michael Benedikt and H. Jerome Keisler
10.45  Coffee break

11.15  Completeness of Higher-Order Duration Calculus
         Zhan Naijun

11.45  From Programs to Games: Invariance and Safety for Bisimulation
         Marc Pauly

12.30  Lunch, Nature

15.30  Flatness is not a Weakness
         Hubert Comon and Veronique Cortier

16.00  On the Complexity of Explicit Modal Logics
         Roman Kuznets

16.30  Coffee break

17.00  Modal Satisfiability is in Deterministic Linear Space
         Edith Hemaspaandra 

17.30  Independence: Logics and Concurrency
         J. C. Bradfield

19.00  Dinner

Wednesday, Aug 23
 8.30  Invited Speaker: Paul Beame (University of Washington):
         The Complexity of Proving Properties of Random Objects
 9.30  Break
 9.45  Discreet Games, Light Affine Logic and PTIME Computation
         A. S. Murawski and C.-H. L. Ong

10.15  On the Complexity of Combinatorial and Metafinite Generating Functions
         J. A. Makowski and K. Meer
10.45  Coffee break

11.15  The Descriptive Complexity of the Fixed-Points of Bounded Formulas
         Albert Atserias

11.45  Bounded Arithmetic and Descriptive Complexity
         Achim Blumensath

12.30  Lunch, Nature

15.30  A Proof-Theoretically Adequate Axiomatization of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic
         Matthias Baaz and Richard Zach

16.00  On the Logic of the Standard Proof Predicate
         Rostislav Yavorsky

16.30  Coffee break

17.00  Elementary Choiceless Constructive Analysis
         Peter M. Schuster

17.30  A Theory of Explicit Mathematics Equivalent to ID_1
         Reinhard Kahle and Thomas Studer

19.00  Dinner
Thursday, Aug 24  
                        in honour of 
                       YURI GUREVICH
             on the occasion of his 60th birthday

       Invited Speakers:

 8.30  Yuri Gurevich (Microsoft Research, Redmond):
         On Abstract State Machines

 9.30  Break

 9.45  Egon Boerger (University of Pisa, on sabbatical at Microsoft Research, Redmond):
         Composition and Submachine Concepts for Sequential ASMs

10.45  Coffee break

11.15  Wolfram Schulte (Microsoft Research, Redmond):
         Translating Theory into Practice - Abstract State Machines within Microsoft

12.30  Lunch, Nature
15.00  Andreas Blass (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor):
         On Choiceless Polynomial Time Computation and the Zero-One Law

16.00  Coffee break

16.30  Miklos Ajtai (IBM Almaden Research Center):
         Nonlinear Lower Bounds for Branching Programs

17.45  Saharon Shelah (Hebrew University, Jerusalem):
         Choiceless Polynomial Time Logic: Inability to express.

19.30  Conference dinner

Friday, Aug 25
 8.30  Continuous Functionals of Dependent Types and Equilogical Spaces
         Andrej Bauer and Lars Birkedal

 9.00  Subtyping with Power Types
         David Aspinall

 9.30  Coffee break

10.00  Interactive Programs in Dependent Type Theory
         Peter Hancock and Anton Setzer

10.30  Elimination of Negation in a Logical Framework
         Alberto Momigliano

11.30  Excursion 

19.00  Dinner

Saturday, Aug 26
 8.30  Invited Speaker: Bruno Poizat (University of Lyon): An unsuccessful attempt to
         construct a structure with fast elimination of quantifiers  

 9.30  Break

 9.45  Finite Models and Full Completeness
         James Laird

10.15  A Fully Complete PER Model for ML Polymorphic Types
         Samson Abramsky and Marina Lenisa

10.45  Coffee break

11.15  Logical Relations and Data Abstraction
         John Power and Edmund Robinson

11.45  Sequents, Frames, and Completeness
         Thierry Coquand and Guo-Quiang Zhang

12.30  Lunch

15.30  On the Computational Interpretation of Negation
         Michel Parigot

16.00  Logic Programming and Co-inductive Definitions
         Mathieu Jaume

16.30  Coffee break

17.00  Axiomatizing the Least Fixed Point Operation and Supremum
         Zoltan Esik

17.30  Disjunctive Tautologies as Synchronization Schemes
         Vincent Danos and Jean-Louis Krivine

19.00  Dinner

Sunday, Aug 27
Breakfast, Departure

Conference Language:
The official language of the conference is English.


- An excursion to one of the mountains (1600 m) nearby is planned for
  Friday afternoon 
- A conference dinner will be held at the Auracher Hof on Thursday evening


To register for CSL 2000, fill in the registration form on the CSL
2000 homepage and return the signed form by ordinary mail or fax. 

The filled registration form must reach us by June 5th, 2000.
Full-time students: 180 DM  (92,01 EURO),   Others: 260 DM (132,91 EURO)  

Full-time students:  260 DM (132.91 EURO),  Others: 300 DM (153,36 EURO)  

Payments can either be made in DM by bank transfer to: 

   (Germany)                        (from abroad)

   CSL 2000                         CSL 2000 (Dr. M.Ruckert) Account No. 2805571599, BLZ 3002090
   Konto 2805571599                 SWIFT Code CITIDEF
   Citibank Muenchen                Via: Citibank Privatkunden AG
   BLZ (Bankleitzahl) 300 209 00    Account No. 2805571599, CSL 2000 (Dr. M.Ruckert)

or at the conference by Eurocard/Mastercard, VISA card, Eurocheque, or
in cash (DM only).


There are some very limited funds to support participation of researchers from
Eastern Europe and of students. For students the application needs to be
accompanied by a letter of recommendation from their adviser. To apply for a
grant, fill in the corresponding form on the CSL 2000 homepage and return it
before May 20th.


The conference will be held at the 

   Hotel Auracher Hof
   Bahnhofstrasse 4
   D-83730 Fischbachau
   phone: +49-80 28 / 903-0
   fax:   +49-80 28 / 903-199

To reserve your accommodation, fill in the Accommodation Form on the
CSL 2000 home page and return it by fax to the hotel.

The hotel is closed until April 30, and from June 10 to June 25.
Since Fischbachau belongs to a vacation area, we strongly recommend to
book for accomodation before June 10th. After June 25, available rooms
in the hotel may soon be booked by tourists.

The hotel has 75 rooms, and in case that there will be more
participants, some may have to share a room. 


Note that there will be much holiday traffic in August, so we recommend that you
>>> book your flight as early as possible <<<.

Munich Airport (Muc) is easily accessible from most airports in Europe, the Near
East and North America. At the airport, S-Bahn trains are leaving for Munich
Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) every 20 minutes, taking about 45 minutes.

>From Munich Central Station there are trains to Fischbachau (direction
Bayrischzell, platform 27-31) leaving (almost) every hour, taking 70 minutes to
Fischbachau Bahnhof. 

FOR MORE DETAILS, see the CSL 2000 home page 


Looking forward to meet you at the conference,
the CSL 2000 Local Organization team.