Call for Participation: Workshop on Proof-Carrying Code

                   CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: PCC 2000

               Tutorial Workshop on Proof-Carrying Code

             University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
                 Wednesday, June 28, 2000 (afternoon)
                  Thursday, June 29, 2000 (morning)

The Workshop on Proof-Carrying Code aims to foster discussion and
collaboration between implementors of proof-carrying code systems and
researchers in the foundational areas of logic, static analysis,
programming language semantics, compilers, type theory, and theorem
proving.  It will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, June 28-29, 2000
at the University of Santa Barbara, California, USA, between LICS 2000
(June 26 to June 28) and SAS 2000 (June 29 to July 1).

The program consists of tutorials and reports on work in progress by
invited speakers:

Proof-Carrying Code: Design, Implementation and Applications 
  George Necula (University of California, Berkeley)

Typed Assembly Language: Type Theory for Machine Code
  Karl Crary (Carnegie Mellon University)

Open Problems for Certifying Compilers
  Greg Morrisett (Cornell University)

Semantic Models of Types and Machine Instructions for Proof-Carrying Code
  Amy Felty (University of Ottawa)

  Amal Ahmed (Princeton University)

Proof-Directed Compilation and De-Compilation 
  Atsushi Ohori (Japan Advanced Institute for Science and Technology)

Compiling with Dependent Types 
  Hongwei Xi (University of Cincinnati)

Panel discussion:
  Amy Felty (University of Ottawa)
  Greg Morrisett (Cornell University)
  George Necula (University of California, Berkeley)
  Andrew Wright (InterTrust Technologies)

Registration information can be found on the conference home page.
Note that the early registration date for SAS is June 1.


Workshop home page: http://www.research.att.com/conf/PCC2000/
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