Christopher Strachey

The original reference to parametric and ad-hoc polymorphism is finally
published: Christopher Strachey's "Fundamental concepts in programming
languages" is available online at
(Click on "Free Online Sample Copy".)

At the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Christopher Strachey's passing
away, the journal Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation is dedicating to
his memory a special issue, containing "Fundamental concepts" (with a
foreword by Peter Mosses), the original monograph on continuations (with
a foreword by Christopher Wadsworth), and a collection of tributes by Rod
Burstall, R. Kent Dybvig, Mike Gordon, David Hartley, Tony Hoare, Michael
Jackson (the computer scientist), Peter Landin, Robert Milne, Roger
Penrose, Martin Richards, David Schmidt, Dana Scott, Bob Tennent, and Dan

For the next coming weeks, the special issue is freely available online.
(If your institution subscribes to HOSC online, then the issue is
permanently available by clicking on "Browse through the Table of
Contents" and then on "Volume 13, Issue 1/2, April 2000".)

-- Olivier Danvy, co-Editor in Chief, HOSC