Call for Participation : Workshop on Implicit computational complexity

                           Second internation workshop on
                                  ICC 2000

                     CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                            affiliated with LICS
                          29 June - 30 June 2000
               University of California, Santa-Barbara


List of invited talks
     Stephen Bellantoni  (University of Toronto) (Not yet confirmed)

     Ralph Benzinger (Cornell University)

 "Automated Higher-Order Complexity Analysis and Certification."

     Karl Crary (Carnegie Mellon University)

 "Resource Bound Certification using Synthetic Dependent Types".

     Vincent Danos  (Universite Paris 7) (Not yet confirmed)

     Martin Hofmann (University of Edinburgh)

 "Functional in-place update and Cook's EXPTIME simulation of
    pushdown automata"

     Bruce Kapron (University of Victoria)

    "An Induction Principle for Computational Indistinguishability"

     Daniel Leivant (Indiana University)

    "Curbing induction: formulas, ramification, substructural rules"

     Jim Royer (Syracuse University)

    "Why and How of Higher-Type Complexity Theory''

     Helmut Schwichtenberg (University of Muenchen)

   "Feasible programs from proofs"

List of accepted papers
An arithmetic for non-size-increasing polynomial-time computation
Author : Klaus Aehlig

Stratified coherent spaces: a denotational semantics for Light Linear
Author : Patrick Baillot

Complexity characterization of restriction of KBO
Author : G. Bonfante

A resource-free classification of the time-space complexity classes
between Lintime and Expspace
Authors : S. Caporaso, G. Pani, E. Covino

Realisability models for BLL-like languages
Authors : M. Hofmann, P. Scott

Separating Notions of Higher-Type Polynomial-Time
Authors :  Robert J. Irwin,  Bruce M. Kapron,  James S. Royer,

Can safe recursion be interpreted in light logic?
Authors :  A. S. Murawski C.-H. L. Ong

Some Observations on the Computational Complexity of Longley's H
Author :  James S. Royer

On the expressive power of existential quantification in polynomial-time

Author : D. Spreen

Linear Logical Characterization of Polyspace Functions
Author: K. Terui

Program commitee:
Stephen Bellantoni (University of Toronto)
Samuel Buss (University of California, USA)
Loic Colson (Universite de Metz, France)
Martin Hofmann (University of Edinburgh, GB)
Neil Jones (University of Copenhagen, Danemark)
Claude Kirchner (Loria, Nancy, France)
Daniel Leivant (University of Indiana, USA)
Jean-Yves Marion (Loria, Nancy, France) (Chair)
Helmut Schwichtenberg (University of Muenchen, Germany

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