FLOC 2002 - Preliminary Announcement

                   Preliminary Announcement --- FLoC'02
                    The 2002 Federated Logic Conference
              Copenhagen, Denmark, July 20 -- August 1, 2002


In 1996, as part of its Special Year on Logic and Algorithms, DIMACS hosted
the first Federated Logic Conference (FLoC). It was modeled after the
successful Federated Computer Research Conference (FCRC), and synergetically
brought together conferences that apply logic to computer science.  The
second Federated Logic Conference (FLoC'99) was held in Trento, Italy, in
July 1999.

We are pleased to announce the third Federated Logic Conference (FLoC'02)
to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in July 2002.

The conference will be hosted jointly by the IT University of Copenhagen,
the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen.
The conference will be held at the University of Copenhagen.

The following conferences will participate in FLoC.

     Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE)
     Conference on Computer-Aided Verification (CAV)
     Formal Methods (FM)
     IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science (LICS)
     Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications (RTA)

Pre-conference workshops will be held on July 20 - 21.  LICS, RTA, and FM
will be held in parallel during July 22 - July 25, and mid-conference
workshops and excursions will be on July 25 - 26. CADE and CAV are
scheduled in parallel for July 27 - 30 and post-conference workshops for
July 31 - August 1.  Plenary events involving all the conferences are

Calls for papers and call for workshop proposals will be issued in the near
future.  For additional information regarding the participating meetings,
please check the FLoC web page (see above) later this Fall.

                        FLoC'02 Steering Committee
                Moshe Y. Vardi      (General Chair)
                Neil D. Jones       (Conference chair)
                Edmund Clarke       (CADE)
                Nachum Dershowitz   (CAV)
                Samson Abramsky     (LICS)
                Ulrich Furbach      (RTA)
                Dines Bjorner       (FM)
                Harald Ganzinger    (Associate General Chair)
                Dana Scott          (IFCOLOG representative)