Postdoc and PhD Student Position Announcement

The following position announcement might be of interest to readers of
the list. I have referred to "programming language design and
implementation" as a desired area of expertise, seeing type systems as
a cornerstone of this area. -- Martin Odersky

			    EPFL Lausanne
		      Programming Methods Group
			 Prof. Martin Odersky

For the Project "Practical Implementations of Functional Nets", funded
in part by the Swiss National Science Foundation, we are looking for

 * Postdoctoral researcher (1 or 2 year term),
 * PhD student (fully funded).

The project explores novel implementation techniques for programming
languages which lie in the intersection of the functional,
object-oriented, and concurrent language families. The positions offer
exciting opportunities for research in a young but rapidly growing

Postdoctoral applicants should have a strong background in  
at least two of the following areas:   

    - programming language design and implementation,
    - functional programming,
    - object-oriented programming,
    - concurrent and distributed systems.

The ideal candidate will have a lively interest in both system
building and theory. She or he will enjoy the opportunity to work
collaboratively with other researchers and PhD students at the
programming methods group at EPFL.

The appointment is for one year with a possible renewal.

PhD student applicants should have strong research interests in one
or more of the areas given above and should like to work on the
boundary betwen theory and practice. They should have obtained a
degree equivalent to a Swiss EPFL diploma (usually this is a master's
degree, although a B.Sc. with honors might also be considered).  The
duration of PhD studies at EPFL is typically 4 years.

Both positions are open from Fall 2000, with a starting date in Spring
or Fall 2001 also being possible. Compensation is competetive:
CHF 70K+ for the post-doc position, and CHF 50K+ for the
PhD student position (1 CHF ~~ 0.6 U.S$).

Informal inquiries about the positions may be addressed to
martin.odersky@epfl.ch. Formal applications should be sent by e-mail
to the following address:

  Madame Yvette Dubuis
  Tel. +41 21 693 5202
  Fax  +41 21 693 6660

To be guaranteed full consideration, applications should be received
by October 15th, 2000. Applications should consist of a curriculum
vitae, a publication list, and the names of three personal references
(two for PhD students).  Please ask your references to send their
letters directly to yvette.dubuis@epfl.ch, there is no need for a
request from us.

EPFL Lausanne is one of two federal universities in Switzerland. It
has one of the most nationally diverse research, teaching and learning
communities in Europe.  Lausanne is situated in very attractive
surroundings in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, on the bord
of Lake Geneva, in close proximity to the Alps.