Seeking papers on Type-Directed Compilation

[Please reply directly to the sender -- Oukseh, could you post your
updated list to Types when it's finished? --BCP]


I'm interested in compilation with types, or type-directed compilation.
So I did collect papers related to this topic.
However, due to my short knowledge,
I'm afraid that I missed some valuable papers.

Could you tell me your recommended papers that I missed?

Thanks in advance.

-Oukseh Lee

Here is my list:

1. Overall compilation

 From System F to Typed Assembly Language
   G. Morrisett et al. TOPLAS 99
 A Type-Based Compiler for Standard ML
   Z. Shao, A. W. Appel, PLDI 95
 TIL: a Type-Directed Optimizing Compiler for ML
   D. Tarditi et al. PLDI 96

2. Intermediate Format

 Towards a Theory of Type Structure
   J. C. Reynolds, LNCS 74
 Henk: a Typed Intermediate Language
   S. Peyton-Jones, E. Meijer, TIC 97
 Implementing Typed Intermediate Languages
   Z. Shao, C. League, S. Monnier, ICFP 98

3. Closure Conversion

 Typed Closure Conversion
   Y. Minamide, G. Morrisett, R. Harper, POPL 96
 Typed Closuer Conversion for Recursively-Defined Functions
   G. Morrisett, R. Harper, HOOTS 98

4. Representation Analysis

 Unboxed Values As First Class Citizens
   S. L. Peyton-Jones, J. Launchbury, FPCA 91
 Unboxed Objects and Polymorphic Typing
   X. Leroy, POPL 92
 Formally Optimal Boxing
   F. Henglein, J. Jorgensen, POPL 94
 Flexible Representation Anaysis
   Z. Shao, ICFP 97
 The Effectiveness of Type-Based Unboxing
   X. Leroy, TIC 97

5. Intensional Type Analysis

 Compiling Polymorphism Using Intensional Type Analysis
   R. Harper, G. Morrisett, POPL 95
 Intensional Polymorphism in Type-Erasure Semantics
   K. Crary, S. Weirich, G. Morrisett, ICFP 98
 Flexible Type Analysis
   K. Crary, S. Weirich, ICFP 99
 Fully Reflexive Intensional Type Analysis in Type Erasure Semantics
   B. Saha, V. Trifonov, Z. Shao, TIC 00

6. Typed Assembly Language, Linking, GC & Etc.

 Explicit Polymorphism and CPS Conversion
   R. Harper, M. Lillibridge, POPL 93
 Tag-Free Garbage Collection Using Explicit Type Parameters
   A. Tolmach, LFP 1994
 Stack-Based Typed Assembly Language
   G. Morrisett, K. Crary, N. Glew, D. Walker, TIC 98
 Type-Safe Linking and Modular Assembly Language
   N. Grew, G. Morrisett, POPL 99
 TALx86: A Realistic Typed Assembly Language
   G. Morriestt et al. CSSE 99
 Garbage Collection Based on Linear Type System
   A. Igarashi, N. Kobayashi, TIC 00