FST TCS 2000 Call for Participation

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*     			Call for Participation			  *
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*			Foundations of Software Technology    	  *
*					   and			  *
*			   Theoretical Computer Science		  *
*				    (FST TCS 2000)		  *
*								  *
*			    India International Centre		  *
*				   New Delhi, India		  *
*			    13--15 December July, 2000		  *
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*	   REGISTER AT  http://www.cse.iitd.ernet.in~/fsttcs20	  *
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Invited Speakers:
	  Peter Buneman		(U Penn)
	  Bernard Chazelle	(Princeton)
	  E. Allen Emerson	(U Texas, Austin)
	  Martin Groetschel	(ZIB, Berlin)
	  Jose Meseguer		(SRI)
	  Philip Wadler		(Avaya Labs

Satellite Events:
Tutorial Workshop on Recent Advances in Programming Languages
	   December 11-12, 2000 at IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas
Workshop on Geometry
	   December 16-17, 2000 at IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas

                       FST TCS 2000 Preliminary Programme

13 December 2000

9:00-9:30    Opening

9:30-10:30   Invited Talk: E Allen Emerson
             Model Checking: Theory into Practice

10:30-11:00  Tea

11:00-12:30  40. Fast On-line/Off-line		100. Model checking CTL 
             Algorithms for Optimal			Properties of Pushdown Systems
             Reinforcement of a Network		Igor Walukiewicz
             and its Connections with
             Principal Partition   
             H. Narayanan, Sachin B. Patkar             

             59. On-Line Edge-Coloring		125. A Decidable Dense 
             with a Fixed Number of Colors	Branching-time  Temporal Logic
             Lene Monrad Favrholdt,			Salvatore La Torre and 
             Morten Nyhave Nielsen              Margherita Napoli

             15. On Approximability of the	126. Fair Equivalence Relations
             Independent/Connected Edge		Orna Kupferman, Nir Piterman, 
             Dominating Set Problems            Moshe Vardi
             Toshihiro Fujito                        

12:30-14:00  Lunch

14:00-15:00  Invited Talk: Philip Wadler
             An Algebra for XML Query

15:00-15:30  Tea

15:30-17:00  8. Arithmetic Circuits and		113. Combining Semantics with 
		 Polynomial Replacement Systems     Non-Standard Interpreter 
             Pierre McKenzie, Heribert		Hierarchies
		 Vollmer, Klaus W. Wagner           Sergei Abramov, Robert Glueck

             70. Depth-3 Arithmetic Circuits	112. Using Modes to Ensure 
             for S(2,n)(X) and Extensions of	Subject Reduction for Typed
             the Graham-Pollack Theorem         Logic Programs with Subtyping
             Jaikumar Radhakrishnan, Pranab	Jan-Georg Smaus, Francois 
             Sen, Sundar Vishwanathan           Fages, Pierre Deransart
             130. The Weak Monadic Quantifier   23. Dynamically Ordered 
             Alternation Hierarchy of		Probabilistic Choice Logic 
             Equational Graphs is Infinite	Programming
             Ly Olivier                         Marina De Vos, Dirk Vermeir

14 December 2000

9:00-10:00   Invited Talk: Bernard Chazelle
             Irregularities of Distribution, Derandomization, and 
             Complexity Theory

10:10-11:10  147. Coordinatized Kernels and 
             Catalytic Reductions: Improved	12. A Complete Fragment of 
		 FPT Algorithms for Max Leaf		Higher-Order Duration 
		 Spanning Tree and Other Problems	$\mu$-Calculus
             Michael R. Fellows, Catherine	Dimitar P. Guelev
		 McCartin, Ulrike Stege, Frances 
		 A. Rosamond

             53. Planar Graph Blocking for	39. A Complete Axiomatisation 
		 External Searching			for Timed Automata
             Surender Baswana, Sandeep Sen      Huimin Lin and Wang Yi

11:10-11:30  Tea

11:30-12:30  124. Text Sparsification via		120. Semantic Theory for
		 Local Maxima				Heterogeneous System Design
             Pierluigi Cresceznzi, Alberto	Rance Cleaveland, Gerald 
             Del Lungo, Roberto Grossi,		Luettgen
		 Elena Lodi, Linda Palgi,
             Gianluca Rossi                                
             38. Approximate Swapped Matching   133. Formal Verification of the
		 A Amir, M Lewenstein, E. Porat     Ricart-Agrawala Algorithm
								Ekaterina Sedletsky, Amir 
								Pnueli, Mordechai Ben-Ari
12:30-14:00  Lunch

14:00-15:00  Invited Talk: Jose Meseguer
             Rewriting Logic as a Metalogical Framework

15:00-15:30  Tea

15:30-17:00  96. On distribution-specific		117. A General Framework for
             learning with membership queries   Types in Graph Rewriting
             versus pseudorandom generation	Barbara Koenig
             Johannes Köbler, Wolfang Lindner           

             69. $\Theta_2^p$-completeness:     146. The Ground Congruence for
             A classical approach for new       Chi Calculus
		 results					Yuxi Fu, Zhenrong Yang
             Joel Vogel, Holger Spakowski 
             110. Is the Standard Proof System	122. Inheritance in the Join 
             for SAT P-optimal?                 Calculus
		 Johannes Köbler, Jochen Messner	Cedric Fournet, Cosimo Laneve,
								Luc Maranget Didier Remy

15 December 2000

9:00-10:00   Invited Talk: Martin Grötschel
             Frequency Assignment in Mobile Phone Systems

10:10-11:10  65. Approximation Algorithms		118. The Fine Structure of 
             for Bandwidth and Storage		Game Lambda Models
             Allocation Problems under Real     Pietro Di Gianantonio,
		 Time Constraints				Gianluca Franco
             Stefano Leonardi, Alberto		
		 Andrea Vitaletti                    

             37. Dynamic Spectrum Allocation:	127. Strong Normalisation of 
             The Impotency of Duration		Second Order Symmetric 
		 Notification				Lambda-calculus
             Bala Kalyanasundaram, Kirk Pruhs   Michel Parigot

11:10-11:30  Tea

11:30-12:30  94. Scheduling to minimize the	49. Keeping Track of the Latest
             average completion time of         Gossip in Shared Memory Systems
		 dedicated tasks				Bharat Adsul, Aranyak Mehta,
             Foto Afrati, Eviripidis Bampis,	Milind Sohoni
             Aleksei V. Fishin, Klaus Jansen          
		 Claire Keyon

             73. Hunting for Functionally		123. On Concurrent Knowledge
		 Analogous Genes				and Logical Clock Abstractions
		 M. T. Hallett, J. Lagergren		Ajay Kshemkalyani           

12:30-14:00  Lunch

14:00-15:00  Invited Talk: Peter Buneman
             Data Provenance: Some Basic Issues

15:00-15:30  Tea

15:30-16:30  20. Decidable Hierarchies of 
             Starfree Languages
             Christian Glasser, Heinz Schmitz

             58. Prefix languages of 
             Church-Rosser Languages
             Jens R. Woinowski

16:30-17:00  Closing

FST TCS 2000 is being organized by the Indian Institute of Technology,
Delhi under the aegis of the Indian Association for Research in
Computer Science (IARCS).


				    Sanjiva Prasad
				 Associate Professor

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