PADL'01 -- call for participation

		First Call for Participation

	Practical Aspects of Declarative Languages:
		Third International Symposium

	     Mar 11-12, 2001, Las Vegas, NV, USA

We would like to invite you to the 3rd international symposium
on practical aspects of declarative languages in Las Vegas, Nevada,
USA. The papers that have been accepted deal with an exciting array
of applications (ranging from the Internet, visual tracking, to 
the space shuttle) and implementations (constraint systems, 
parallelism, etc.). In addition, there are three invited speakers
 Joe Armstrong (Blue Tail Systems), David S. Warren 
(SUNY Stonybrook) and Raghu Ramakrishnan (Univ. of Wisconsin), all
of whom have been intimately involved in implementation and 
applications of declarative languages. PADL'01 is going to
be a very exciting event that should not be missed. PADL'01
is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada, one of the world's most 
popular destination for entertainment 

Deadline for early registration is Feb 15th. Deadline for making
hotel booking is Feb. 9th. Please visit the PADL'01 website for
registration information: http://seclab.cs.sunysb.edu/padl

					I.V. Ramakrishnan (PC Chair)
					Gopal Gupta (Arrangements)

List of accepted papers:

From subject directories to subject meta-directories 
via declarative programming
	Antonio Brogi, Gianluca Caruso 

Frappe: Functional Reactive Programming in Java, 
	Antony Courtney 

Logic Programming Techniques for Dynamic VRML Web Content Generation, 
	Anima Gupta and Paul Tarau 

Spatio-Temporal Annotated Constraint Logic Programming 
	Alessandra Raffaeta, Thom Fruhwirth 

A Model Checker for Value-Passing Mu-Calculus using Logic Programming
	C.R. Ramakrishnan 

tuProlog: A light-weight Prolog for Internet applications and infrastructures 
	Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini, Alessandro Ricci 

Construction and Optimization of a Parallel Engine for 
Answer Set Programming 
	Enrico Pontelli, Omar El-Khatib 

Soft Constraints for Security Protocol Analysis: Confidentiality 
	Giampaolo Bella, Stefano Bistarelli 

Specifying Authentication Protocols Using Rewriting and Strategies 
	Horatiu Cirstea 

Soundcheck for SQL, 
	Hendrik Decker 

FVision: A Declarative Language for Visual Tracking 
	John Peterson, Paul Hudak, Alastair Reid, Greg Hager 

Programming Goal-driven Web Sites with an Agent Logic Language 
	Baldoni M., Baroglio C., Chiarotto A., Patti V. 

High-Level Server Side Web Scripting in Curry 
	Michael Hanus 

Design and Implementation of the High-level Specifiation 
Language CSP(LP) in Prolog
	Michael Leuschel 

An A-Prolog decision support system for the space shuttle 
	M. Nogueira, M. Balduccini, M. Gelfond, R. Watson, M. Barry 

A Meta-Heuristic for Subset Problems 
	Pierre Flener, Brahim Hnich, Zeynep Kiziltan 

Compiling High-Level Type Constructors in Constraint Programming 
	Pierre Flener, Brahim Hnich, Zeynep Kiziltan 

A Novel Implementation of the Extended Andorra Model 
	Ricardo Lopes; Fernando Silva; Vítor Santos Costa 

Secure Deductive Databases 
	Steve Barker 

Constraint Database Models Characterizing Timed Bisimilarity 
	Supratik Mukhopadhyay, Andreas Podelski 

A Most Specific Method Finding Algorithm for 
Reflection Based Dynamic Prolog-to-Java Interfaces 
	Satyam Tyagi, Paul Tarau

Interoperability between Bioinformatics Tools: A Logic
Programming Approach
	J. Raymundo Iglesias, Gopal Gupta, Enrico Pontelli, 
		Desh Ranjan, and Brook Milligan

State Generation in the PARMC Model Checker
	Owen Kaser