[various techniques discussed in the workshop make use of types] 

              PFM 01 
     Proofs For Mobility Workshop

  Genova (Italy), Saturday April 7, 2001
     Held in conjunction with ETAPS 01

Purpose and Scope

Mobility in networks and distributed systems is attracting an ever
growing interest. A number of models and analysis techniques for
proving properties of mobile systems are being researched these
days. These are based on algebra, modal logics, types, abstract
interpretation, control-flow analysis, behavioural equivalences,
co-induction, theorem provers, etc.

Reports on such work are scattered around in several workshops and
conferences together with other work on mobile systems. This workshop
intends to offer a unifying forum for comparison of techniques and
presentation of experience reports on proofs. We aim to bring together
theoretically oriented and practicallly oriented researcher and
discuss questions such as `What proof techniques are available?',
`What has been achieved so far?', `What are the challenges?'


The talks were selected by invitation only, to ensure a broad coverage
of topics. Below is the list of the speakers and the topic of the talk:

Alessandro Coglio (Kestrel Institute)
   JVM specification 
Adriana Compagnoni (Stevens Institute of Technology)
   Proof Carrying Code
CÚdric Fournet (Microsoft Europe)
   Security of mobile processes
Daniel Hirschkoff (Ecole Normale SupÚrieure de Lyon) 
   Theorem Provers
Uwe Nestmann (Polytechnique de Lausanne) 
   Mobile objects
Hanne Riis and Flemming Nielson (University of Aarhus) 
   Control Flow Analysis
Carolyn Talcott (Stanford University) 
   Active Networks  
Bj÷rn Victor (University of Upsala) 
    Tools for automated verification


Giuseppe Castagna (LIENS Paris)
Davide Sangiorgi (INRIA Sophia Antipolis) 


Registration costs 45 euros (5 euros for attending the workshop, 40
euros for lunch and coffee/tea breaks).  It is possible to participate
to PFM without registering at ETAPS; in this case a 70 euro surcharge
applies.  It is also possible to register at PFM and another parallel
event; in this case the 40 euros for of lunches and coffee breaks are
of course paid only once.

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