Dear Moderator,

Thank you for your reply. There goes the manuscript
announcement that, yesterday, I mentioned to you. An
idea is to collect comments as well as to publish the
contained ideas in the scope of the Types list.
Therefore, feel free to resend this message to all
of us.

J Ulisses Ferreira

Dear all,

I would like to announce a paper on mobility and computation,
that is probably interesting for all in this list too. It has been
submitted and I am currently expecting some response from the Journal.
Therefore, any comment to improve the manuscript is very welcome.
The paper is at http://www.ufba.br/~ulisses/ferreira_mc.ps.

Ulisses Ferreira
    J. Ulisses Ferreira Jnr       R Adhemar de Barros, Ondina      |
                                  Campus Universitario da UFBA     |
  Federal University of Bahia     Centro de Processamento de Dados |
                                  Salvador BA 40170-110 BRAZIL     |
    e-mail: ulisses@ufba.br                                        |
  http://www.ufba.br/~ulisses     phone: (071/+5571) 245 08 99     |
                                  fax:               247 99 07     |