Post-doc advertisement at PacSoft

        The Pacific Software Research Center (PacSoft) has two openings 
for postdoctoral researchers to work on the Programatica and AIM projects.
Programatica is an environment for the simultaneous development of 
systems and formal models of systems that leverages functional 
programming, theorem proving, and other applied formal methods. The 
primary application area of Programatica is modeling information 
assurance properties. The AIM project focuses on using functional 
language ideas to model and prove properties about the AIM 
crypto-processor.  For each position, candidates are sought with 
expertise in the application and implementation of theorem proving
technology, applications of higher-order, typed functional languages, 
or other areas related to information assurance and applied formal 
        PacSoft explores techniques for the use of higher-order, typed
functional languages for the development, specification, analysis and
verification of hardware and software. The Center is currently composed 
of six faculty, several graduate students and six postdoctoral staff. The 
Center is administratively a unit of the Department of Computer Science 
and Engineering of the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and 
Technology. The Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology 
is an independent graduate school and research institute located just 
to the west of Portland, Oregon. 
        To apply, please send a CV with a brief description of your research
accomplishments and interests, including the names of at least three
references. Send applications to:

    Position #CSE 8-3-00
    Personnel Office
    Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology 
    20000 NW Walker Rd.
    Beaverton, Oregon 97006

        Email submissions of the same materials may be sent to
jobs@admin.ogi.edu. Include position number in the subject line.
OGI is an Equal Opportunity Employer and particularly welcomes 
applications from qualified women, minorities, and individuals with 
disabilities.  Appointment is subject to the availability of funding.
        Questions (but please no application materials!) may be directed to
Professor James Hook, email: hook@cse.ogi.edu, phone: 503-748-1169.
Information about the Pacific Software Research Center and the 
Programatica project can be found on the world wide web at the 
url: http://www.cse.ogi.edu/PacSoft/.