TACS 2001 -- extended deadline

In response to a large number of requests, the submission deadline for
TACS has been extended to April 15th.  Authors intending to submit during
this grace period are requested to email the title and abstract of their
paper before the original deadline (April 1st) to bcpierce@cis.upenn.edu.

                             Call For Papers

                     Fourth International Symposium on
            Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (TACS 2001)
                            October 29-31, 2001
                     Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan 

   The TACS Symposium will focus on the theoretical foundations of
   programming and their applications. The topics of interest include...
     Theoretical aspects of the design, semantics, analysis, and
     implementation of programming languages and systems; logics of
     programs; calculi and models of concurrency and parallel
     computation; theories of mobile computation and system security;
     categories and types in computer science; formalisms, methods, and
     systems for program specification, verification, synthesis, and
     optimization; constructive, linear, and modal logics in computer
   The scientific program will consist of invited lectures, contributed
   talks, and demo sessions.  A proceedings containing the full papers of
   the invited and contributed talks will be published by Springer-Verlag
   as a volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science.  

   Submission deadline:         April 15, 2001  
   Notification to authors:     June 20, 2001
   Deadline for final versions: July 23, 2001

   Luca Cardelli                Microsoft Research
   Daniel Jackson               Massachusetts Institute of Technology
   Christine Paulin-Mohring 	Universite Paris Sud & INRIA
   Andrew Pitts                 University of Cambridge
   Jon Riecke                   Lucent Technologies
   Kazunori Ueda                Waseda University


   Takayasu Ito
   Tohoku University

   Naoki Kobayashi 
   Tokyo Institute of Technology
   Benjamin Pierce
   University of Pennsylvania

   Zena Ariola               University of Oregon
   Cedric Fournet            Microsoft Research
   Jacques Garrigue          Kyoto University
   Masami Hagiya             University of Tokyo
   Robert Harper             Carnegie Mellon University
   Masahito Hasegawa         Kyoto University
   Nevin Heintze             Lucent Technologies
   Martin Hofmann            Edinburgh University
   Zhenjiang Hu              University of Tokyo
   Naoki Kobayashi           Tokyo Institute of Technology
   Martin Odersky            Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
   Catuscia Palamidessi      Pennsylvania State University
   Benjamin Pierce           University of Pennsylvania
   Francois Pottier          INRIA
   Andre Scedrov             University of Pennsylvania
   Natarajan Shankar         SRI International
   Ian Stark                 Edinburgh University
   Makoto Tatsuta            Kyoto University

   Authors are invited to submit full papers (up to 6000 words, including
   figures and bibliographies). Papers must be unpublished and not
   submitted for publication elsewhere. Submissions should be in
   Postscript or PDF format, on A4 or US letter pages. They must be
   printable on common printers and viewable with ghostview or
   acroread. The first page of each submission should include the email
   address, telephone, and fax numbers of the corresponding
   author. Accepted papers must be presented at the symposium, and the
   final manuscript must be prepared in the LNCS format. 

   All submissions should be made electronically through the TACS submission
   page http://saul.cis.upenn.edu:8086/.