ICC'01: new deadline 10.5.2001

[ We have now switched to unrefereed informal proceedings resulting in
  a later deadline. --MH ]

                   Third international workshop on
           Implicit Computational Complexity-2001 (ICC'01)

                   (affiliated with PADO and MFPS)

The Implicit Complexity Workshop (ICC'01) will be held 20.5.-21.5.2001
in Aarhus as part of the joint PADO/MFPS 2000 conferences.

Topics of Interest:

The synergy between Logic, Computational Complexity and Programming
Language Theory has gained importance and vigour in recent years,
cutting across areas such as Proof Theory, Computation Theory,
Applicative Programming, and Philosophical Logic. Several
machine-independent approaches to computational complexity have been
developed, which characterize complexity classes by conceptual
measures borrowed primarily from mathematical logic. Collectively
these approaches might be dubbed IMPLICIT COMPUTATIONAL COMPLEXITY.

Practically, implicit computational complexity provides a framework
for a streamlined incorporation of computational complexity into areas
such as formal methods in software development, programming language
theory. In addition to research reports on theoretical advances in
implicit computational complexity, practical contributions bridging
the gap between Computational Complexity and Programming Language
Theory are therefore of particular interest.

Previous Workshops

have been held in Indianapolis 1994, Baltimore 1998, Trento 1999,
Santa Barbara 2000.

Programme committee

Samson Abramsky  (University of Oxford, UK)  
Martin Hofmann (University of Edinburgh, UK) (Chair)  
Bruce Kapron (University of Victoria, Canada)  
Jean-Yves Marion (Loria, Nancy, France)  
So/ren Riis (Queen Mary and Westfield College, London)  
Helmut Schwichtenberg (University of Munich, Germany)

Steering committee

Daniel Leivant (University of Indiana at Bloomington)  
Jean-Yves Marion (Loria, Nancy, France)


The workshop starts Sunday 20.5.2001 at 2pm and ends Monday 21.5.2001
lunchtime with an invited talk by Neil Jones. 

If you would like to give a presentation please contact Martin Hofmann
mxh@dcs.ed.ac.uk as soon as possible. There is no fixed deadline,
however, any material to appear in the informal printed
proceedings must however be submitted as a postscript file to the PC
chair no later than 10.5.01.


Informal proceedings will be available at the workshop.

Workshop fee

There will be a fee of DKK 100 to cover the informal proceedings and

Workshop WWW-page


Important dates

10 May 2001: Firm deadline for submissions to the informal

20 May 2001: Workshop

Contact information

Martin Hofmann 
Division of Informatics 
University of Edinburgh JCMB, KB  
Mayfield Road Edinburgh EH9 3JZ  UK 
tel : (44) 131 650 5187  fax : (44) 131 667 7209