ISAAC-01: Call for Papers

[Papers related to abstract data types, types for object oriented systems,
type checking/inference etc.  which emphasise the algorithmic aspects
are welcome.]

                               Call for Papers

                   Twelfth Annual International Symposium
                       on Algorithms and Computation
                                 (ISAAC 01)

                           December 19-21,  2001
                          Christchurch, New Zealand

ISAAC 01 will be hosted by the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New

Authors are invited to submit original research papers in the areas given
below. The proceedings will be published in the series of Lecture Notes in
Computer Science, Springer-Verlag. Authors are recommended to prepare their
manuscripts by the Authors Instructions for the series . Some selected
papers will be published in a special issue of Algorithmica. A paper should
start with the title, each author's name and affiliation, e-mail address,
and a summary. The paper should include sufficient details, which can easily
be followed by a non-specialist in computer science. The number of pages is
limited to 12. An uncompressed PostScript or PDF file, which can be printed
on a letter-sized sheet, must be sent electronically.


   * Algorithms and Data Structures
   * Automata and Formal Languages
   * Combinatorial Generation and Optimization
   * Computational Biology and String Matching
   * Computational Geometry
   * Computational Learning Theory
   * Cryptology and Computational Complexity
   * Graph Drawing and Algorithms
   * Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
   * Randomized and Approximation Algorithms

Organizing Committee

     All Univ. Canterbury:

     Tim Bell,  treasurer
     Margaret Brown,  secretary
     Paddy Krishnan,  publicity
     Mike Steel,  local arrangements
     Tadao Takaoka,  chair

Invited Speakers

   * Mike Fellows,  Victoria University, New Zealand
   * Andrew Goldberg,  InterTrust Technologies, USA
   * Sue Whitesides,  McGill University, Canada

Important dates

Deadline for submission:  May 25, 2001
Notification:             July 25, 2001
Deadline for proceedings: August 15, 2001

Program Committee

     Prosenjit Bose,  Carleton University, Canada
     Richard Brent,  Oxford University, UK
     Maxime Crochemore,  Univ de Marne la Vall\'ee, France
     Peter Eades,  Univ. Sydney, Australia, CO-CHAIR
     Magnus Halldorsson,  Univ. Iceland, Iceland
     Xin He,  SUNY Buffalo, USA
     Mike Houle,  Univ. Sydney, Australia
     Tsan-sheng Hsu,  Academia Sinica, Taiwan
     Kazuo Iwama,  Kyoto University, Japan
     Tao Jiang,  UC Riverside, USA
     Tak-wah Lam,  Univ. Hong Kong
     Hon Wai Leong,  National Univ. Singapore
     Akira Maruoka,  Tohoku University, Japan
     Ernst W. Mayr,  TU M\"unchen, Germany
     Mitsunori Ogihara,  Univ. Rochester, USA
     Kunsoo Park,  Seoul National University, Korea
     Frank Ruskey,  University of Victoria, Canada
     Igor Shparlinski,  Macquarie University, Australia
     Mike Steel,  Univ. Canterbury, New Zealand
     Tadao Takaoka,  Univ. Canterbury, New Zealand CO-CHAIR
     Hisao Tamaki,  Meiji University, Japan
     Shmuel Zaks,  Technion, Israel

Possible participants are encouraged to make a flight booking as early as
possible, as our symposium time is the best holiday season for New Zealand
and flights will be heavily booked. For further information, including
submission instructions, see the ISAAC'01 Home Page,
or contact:

     Tadao Takaoka
     Organizing Chair, ISAAC01
     Department of Computer Science
     University of Canterbury
     Christchurch, New Zealand
     Fax: +64 3 364 2569
     E-mail: isaac01@cosc.canterbury.ac.nz