Working Conference on Generic Programming: first call for papers

                      WCGP '02
            IFIP TC2 Working Conference on


         Organised in conjunction with MPC'02

                July  8 - July 13, 2002

                 Dagstuhl, Germany

                  CALL FOR PAPERS

Generic programming is about making programs more 
adaptable by making them more general. Generic 
programs often embody non-traditional kinds of 
polymorphism; ordinary programs are obtained from 
them by suitably instantiating their parameters. 
In contrast with normal programs, the parameters 
of a generic programs are often quite rich in 
structure. For example they may be other programs, 
types or type constructors, class hierarchies, or 
even programming paradigms. 

Generic programming techniques have always been of 
interest, both to practitioners and to theoreticians, 
but only recently have generic programming 
techniques become a specific focus of research in 
the functional and object-oriented programming 
language communities. This working conference will 
bring together leading researchers in generic 
programming from around the world, and feature 
papers capturing the state of the art in this 
important emerging area. 

We welcome contributions on all aspects, theoretical 
as well as practical, of generic programming, 
aspect-oriented programming, polytypic programming, 
adaptive object-oriented programming, generic 
components, and so on. 


Full papers should be submitted in Postscript or pdf 
format by e-mail to reach Jeremy.Gibbons@comlab.ox.ac.uk 
by February 16, 2002. The details of the submission 
procedure can be found at


Although there is no page limit, submissions should 
strive for brevity and clarity. 

                  IMPORTANT DATES

Submission           February 16, 2002
Notification         April 12,    2002
Final version due    May 24,      2002


Matt Austern 
Eerke Boiten
Ulrich Eisenecker 
Jeremy Gibbons (co-chair)
Ralf Hinze 
Johan Jeuring (co-chair)
Gary Leavens 
Karl Lieberherr 
Lambert Meertens 
Eugenio Moggi 
Bernhard Moeller
Oege de Moor 
David Musser 
Martin Odersky 
Ross Paterson
Simon Peyton Jones
Colin Runciman
Doaitse Swierstra
Stephanie Weirich


Jeremy Gibbons
Johan Jeuring
Bernhard Moeller                    

Jeremy Gibbons (Jeremy.Gibbons@comlab.ox.ac.uk)
Johan Jeuring  (johan@jeuring.net)