paper on recursion and objects


I would like to announce the availability of the following paper, which
introduces a new type system for the "let rec" construct, relaxing the
syntactic restrictions usually imposed on this construct, and explores
its expressive power, as regards object-oriented, or more precisely
"mixin-oriented", programming.


  The Recursive Record Semantics of Objects Revisited

  Gérard Boudol

  In a call-by-value language, representing objects as 
  recursive records requires using an unsafe fixpoint. 
  We design, for a core language including extensible 
  records, a type system which rules out unsafe recursion 
  and still supports the reconstruction of a principal type. 
  We illustrate the expressive power of this language with 
  respect to object-oriented programming by introducing a
  sub-language for ``mixin-based'' programming.


The paper is available from my web page:


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