Post-doc Positions Available at Stevens


                   Post-Doctoral Positions Available
                    Laboratory for Secure Systems 
                    Department of Computer Science
                   Stevens Institute of Technology

The Laboratory for Secure Systems at the Computer Science Department of
Stevens Institute of Technology invites applications for Post-doctoral

The Lab has been recently created, and its mission is to pioneer new
technologies for high-assurance and secure systems and prototype tools
that can provide guarantees that a system will not exhibit
unpredictable behavior in a hostile environment. Our objective is to
consolidate and organize research already under way at Stevens.

We are taking several approaches to language-based tools for
high-assurance, secure systems.  Language-based automated analysis can
be used to check components during development and also at the point
of deployment.  Such analyses can complement trust-based approaches to
security of mobile components and enhance performance by reducing
overhead of run-time checking. Language-based tools fit the
programming environments of professional practice, along side other
tools like test-generators and performance profilers.  Type-based
analyses can prevent leakage of privileged data even with dynamic
linking and replacement of libraries at run-time.  New abstractions
are being developed for fault-tolerant computation in wide area
networks.  Verification techniques can check correctness of
implementations of security protocols.

Much interest already exists in furthering the technologies, as
demonstrated by collaborations of the faculty amongst themselves, with
other academic institutions (e.g., with the Secure Internet Programming
Laboratory at Princeton, with the FLINT project at Yale, with the
University of Edinburgh), and with industrial partners (e.g., Lucent
Technologies).  Our work has current funding from industrial partners,
through multiple grants from the National Science Foundation and the
New Jersey Commission of Science and Technology.

Successful applicants will be enthusiastic team players with a strong
commitment to academic excellence. A PhD in Computer Science or
Applied Mathematics or equivalent education is required. Preference
will be given to applicants with experience in at least one of the
following areas:

   *Type theory
   *Static program analysis
   *Formal verification
   *Semantics of programming languages
   *Higher-order programming languages
   *Implementation of programming languages 

Post-docs will participate in state of the art research in
collaboration with other members of the Lab; they will produce
technical reports to document their findings, and participate in
building proof of concept software systems to experiment with research

The positions are initially for two years, renewable for a third year
upon performance and availability of funds. Positions are expected to
start with the new academic year in September 2001, but the starting
date is flexible.

Applicants should send a CV, a statement of research interests, and
arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent to:

 Adriana Compagnoni 
 Department of Computer Science
 Stevens Institute of Technology
 Castle Point on Hudson
 Hoboken, NJ 07030
 U. S. A.
 e-mail: abc@cs.stevens-tech.edu

For more information contact 

 Adriana Compagnoni (abc@cs.stevens-tech.edu), 
 Dominic Duggan (dduggan@cs.stevens-tech.edu), or
 David Naumann (naumann@cs.stevens-tech.edu).

Stevens Institute of Technology is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 

Laboratory for Secure Systems
Computer Science Department 

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