Erlang workshop registration

[ This workshop is not directly types-related, but it is taking place at PLI, 
  which many readers of this list will be attending... -- B ]

Call for participation in the

Erlang Workshop		http://www.erlang.se/workshop/

Firenze, September 2, 2001, in connection with PLI2001 
(Principles, Logics, and Implementations of high-level 
programming languages).

Erlang must be the most widely used functional programming language in
industry today. It is used in many projects at Ericsson, as well as by mobile
phone operators, email companies, and internet service providers among others.
Large scale use offers a golden opportunity to evaluate the functional
paradigm "for real". This workshop aims to bring the academic and industrial
functional programming communities together, draw lessons from the experience
so far, and identify research problems relevant to industrial functional
programming practice.


09:00 Invited Tutorial Lecture
      Joe Armstrong, Principal designer of Erlang
09.45 An Introduction to Core Erlang
      Richard Carlsson, Uppsala University

10.30 Coffee

11.00 Building the Next Generation Web Services with Erlang: 
      Scalability and High Availability at Stake
      Mickaël Rémond, erlang-fr.org

11.45 A Model for Analyzing Erlang Software from a
      Code Change Perspective
      Lennart Öhman, Sjöland & Thyselius Telecom AB
12:30 Lunch

14.00 A Case for the Unified Heap Approach to Erlang Memory Management
      Marc Feeley, Université de Montréal

14.45 Extracting the Process Structure of Erlang Applications
      Jan Nyström and Bengt Jonsson, Uppsala University

15.30 Parallel Model Checking Tool tailored to Erlang
      Martin Leucker and Thomas Noll, 
      Aachen University of Technology (RWTH)

16.15 Discussion

Home page of the Erlang workshop


Registration is via the home page of PLI2001


We are looking forward to an exciting workshop in
the environment of PLI2001. Welcome!

Joe Armstrong, Alteon Websystems
Bjarne Däcker, Ericsson Utvecklings AB
John Hughes, Chalmers University of Technology
Gunilla Hugosson, Ericsson Utvecklings AB

(Programme committee)