LI2002 Announcement

%%%%%%%%%%                                                          %%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%            The LOGIC AND INTERACTION weeks               %%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%             January 28th - March 1st 2002                %%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%             http://iml.univ-mrs.fr/~li2002/              %%%%%%%%%%
%%%%%%%%%%                                                          %%%%%%%%%%

The Institut de Mathématiques de Luminy (IML) organizes with the Laboratoire
d'Informatique de Marseille (LIF) a special session entitled "The Logic and
Interaction weeks" (li2002) during the whole month of February 2002.

                        %%  THEMATIC SCHOOL  %%
The session will start by a two weeks thematic school specially addressed
towards post-graduate students (see below).

                         %%  ACCOMODATIONS  %%
The participants will be lodged at the Centre International de Rencontres
Mathématiques (CIRM (1)) located on the Luminy campus. The CIRM's fees
(including all meals) are approximately 60 EUROS/day for a single room and 49
EUROS/day for a double.

                         %%  PREREGISTRATION  %%
Participants are expected to preregister as soon as possible by filling the
form on the li2002 web site(2). Due to the low number of places available at
the CIRM the programme committee may have to select applications(3). By the end
of November all participants will receive confirmation of preregistration and
instructions for registering at the CIRM.

                            %%  GRANTS  %%
Young researchers attending the thematic school may apply for a grant that will
cover at least their local expenses.  Again a limited number of grants is
available and the programme committee may have to select some applications.
Financial support will be notified together with the confirmation of

(1) http://cirm.univ-mrs.fr/
(2) http://iml.univ-mrs.fr/~li2002/
(3) In particular note that week 5 is already almost full

%%%%%%%%%%                      PRESENTATION                        %%%%%%%%%%

The session is divided into five weeks. The first two are specially addressed
to young researchers and will take the form of a winter school. The two middle
ones will take the form of informal workshops, while the last one should be
more formal.

The main idea, especially during the middle weeks, is to favour the interaction
between researchers, by organizing informal sessions on topics decided on the
fly, following the interest of the participants. We encourage the participation
to more than one week.

1- Complexity (coordinator: Nadia Creignou, Laboratoire d'Informatique de
Marseille (LIF));

2- Computation, physics and interaction (coordinator: Yves Lafont, IML);

These two first weeks being part of a winter school should be in particular
directed towards a post-graduate students audience.

3- Sense and denotation (coordinators: Thomas Ehrhard and Laurent Regnier,

4- From the rules of logic to the logic of rules (coordinators: Jean-Yves
Girard, IML and Phil J. Scott, University of Ottawa);

5- Logic and verification (coordinators: Roberto Amadio, Denis Luigiez, LIF and
Davide Sangiorgi, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis).

This last week will include a workshop on Modal Logic and a workshop on
Infinite Systems. Note that very few places are still available during this