PostDoc opportunity at Stony Brook in Model-Carrying Code

[This postdoc opportunity should be of interest to the readers of TYPES as
 it involes research in programming languages, mobile code, static analysis,
 model checking, and probably type checking when you get right down to it.
 Please see the project web site at http://seclab.cs.sunysb.edu/mcc/ for
 further details.  Scott Smolka]

We invite applications for a senior researcher position funded by a DoD
University Research Initiative (URI) award in the area of Critical
Infrastructure Protection and High Confidence Software (CIP/SW).
This is a prestigious award, with only 20 URI awards having been made
nationwide.  The position is available immediately for a period of up to
two years at an annual salary between $65,000 and $75,000.

The CIP/SW fellow will work with researchers from Stony Brook's Center
for Cybersecurity, and especially the faculty from Secure and Reliable
Systems Group and Formal Methods Group. The theme of our CIP/SW project is
Model-Carrying Code (MCC), a new approach for ensuring security of mobile
code. The MCC approach employs a combination of compile-time verification
and runtime monitoring/enforcement techniques.

Candidates must have a PhD in Computer Science or a closely related
field. Masters Degree with exceptionally strong research experience will
also be considered. Preference will be given to candidates specializing in
one of the following areas: computer/network security, programming
language/compilers, formal methods, operating systems and networks. Strong
background in programming, and/or UNIX operating systems would be
preferred. Applications should be forwarded to

Prof. R. Sekar (sekar@cs.sunysb.edu) 

Stony Brook is situated on Long Island, approximately 50 miles east of New York
City. The University is two miles south of the Long Island Sound and 20 miles
north of the Atlantic Ocean and picturesque Long Island beaches. The famous
beaches and mansions of The Hamptons are about 40 miles to the southeast.

For additional information, please visit our laboratory web pages at
http://seclab.cs.sunysb.edu and http://www.cs.sunysb.edu/~lmc, and the MCC
project web page at http://seclab.cs.sunysb.edu/mcc/ .