ITRS'02 call for papers

                         Call for Papers

                           Workshop on
         Intersection Types and Related Systems (ITRS '02)

                      Copenhagen, Denmark
                      Friday, July 26 2002

                    Co-located with FLoC '02,
              the third Federated Logic Conference 
                to be held in Copenhagen, Denmark
                   (July 22 to August 1 2002)

  Submission of papers:           Sunday,   April  7 2002
  Notification of acceptance:     Thursday, April 25 2002
  Workshop:                       Friday,   July  26 2002

  Intersection type disciplines originated in 1980 to overcome the 
  limitations of Curry's type assignment system and to provide a 
  characterisation of the strongly normalising terms of the Lambda 
  Calculus. Since then, intersection types disciplines were used
  in a series of papers for characterising evaluation properties
  and semantics.

  Types also support reliable reasoning in many areas such as logic, 
  programming languages, linguistics, etc.  A _polymorphic_ type 
  stands for some number of instance types, and the use of type 
  systems for non-trivial purposes generally requires polymorphic  
  types.  In this context, roughly speaking, intersection types  
  could be seen as to provide type polymorphism by listing type  
  instances. This differs from the more widely used ("forall")
  quantified types, which provide type polymorphism by giving a type
  scheme that can be instantiated into various type instances. 
  (A similar relationship holds between union types and existential
  types, the duals of intersection types and universal types.)

  Although intersection types were initially intended for use in 
  analyzing and/or synthesizing lambda models as well as in analyzing 
  normalization properties, over the last twenty years the scope of 
  theoretical research on intersection types has broadened. Recently, 
  there have been a number of breakthroughs in the use of intersection 
  types (and similar technology) for practical purposes such as program 

  The ITRS '02 workshop will be held to bring together researchers 
  working on both the theory and practice of systems with intersection 
  types and related systems (e.g., union types, refinement types, 
  etc.).  The workshop will last one full day and will contain a long 
  talk by each invited speaker, a panel discussion, and a short 
  (approx. 25 minutes) talk for each accepted paper.  

  Researchers are invited to submit original papers on topics in the
  spirit of the workshop.  Possible topics for submitted papers
  include, but are not limited to:

    * Formal properties of systems with intersection types: principal
      typings, normalization properties (for normal forms, head-normal
      forms, weak head-normal forms, etc.), type inference algorithms.
    * Results for clearly related systems, e.g., systems with union
      types, refinement types, or singleton types.

    * Connections with not-so-clearly related approaches such as
      abstract interpretation and constraints.

    * Applications to lambda calculus and similar systems, e.g.,
      denotational semantics, analysis/synthesis of lambda models
      (domains), characterization of operational properties, etc.

    * Applications for programming languages, e.g., program analysis
      (flow, strictness, totality, etc.), accurate type error
      messages, increased flexibility with static typing, separate
      compilation and modularity, optimizing transformations, types
      for objects, etc. 

    * Applications for other areas, e.g., database query languages, 
      program extraction from proofs, type systems for natural

  Steffen van Bakel (Chair)     (Imperial College, London, UK)
  Franco Barbanera              (Universita` di Catania, Italia)
  Mario Coppo                   (Universita` di Torino, Italia)
  Luca Roversi                  (Universita` di Torino, Italia)
  Lyn Turbak                    (Wellesley College (MA) USA)
  Pawel Urzyczyn                (Uniwersytet Warszawski, Polska)
  Joe Wells                     (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 


  TOPIC: A submitted paper must describe work that does not
    substantially overlap with work that has been previously published
    or is currently being considered elsewhere (e.g., another
    workshop, conference, or journal).  Feel free to consult the
    program chair on the appropriateness of a topic or the possibility
    of conflict with another publication.

  PRINTED APPEARANCE: The paper must be written in English.  The paper
    (including bibliography) should not exceed 15 pages.  The paper
    should a font size no smaller than 11pt and standard TeX spacing. 
    It is recommended to include full proofs of any theorems in
    appendices if they will not fit in 15 pages.  However, any 
    appendices beyond the 15-page limit should not be needed for 
    judging the paper and will not be included in the proceedings.

  PAPER ELECTRONIC FORMAT: The paper should be in PostScript or PDF. 
    Every effort should be made to ensure that only portable
    PostScript features are used (e.g., avoid using non-standard 
    built-in fonts).  For other formats, ask the program chair well 
    in advance of the deadline.
    For TeX, the class file itrspaper.cls is recommended for use
    (available at http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~itrs02/itrspaper.cls).

  ADMINISTRATIVE INFORMATION: The first page of the paper should include 
    (1) the title,
    (2) the list of authors, 
    (3) a brief abstract (fewer than 200 words), 
    (4) a short list of key words/topics, and 
    (5) the name, e-mail address, and postal address of the corresponding 
    This information should be repeated at the Paper Submission Page 
    available at the workshop's website (http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~itrs02/).

    Papers can be submitted electronically via the  Paper Submission Page 
    available at the workshop's website (http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~itrs02/).
  The workshop is colocated with the FLoC '02 conference, which will
  be held in Copenhagen, Denmark.  

  Web:                    http://www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~itrs02/
  Program chair:          Steffen van Bakel
    e-mail:               itrs02@doc.ic.ac..uk
    telephone:            +44 20 7495 8263
    fax:                  +44 20 7581 8024
    postal:               Department of Computing
                          Imperial College
                          180 Queens's Gate 
                          London SW7 2BZ, UK