CTCS02 Call for Students

                        STUDENT PRECONFERENCE
                          AUGUST 12-14, 2002

                         University of Ottawa
                        Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
                      Call for Student Participation 

In conjunction with the conference Category Theory and Computer
Science (CTCS02), the University of Ottawa is offering a "preconference"
from August 12-14. (Please see our website 
http://www.mathstat.uottawa.ca/lfc/ctcs2002/ for details 
of the conference.)

The goal is to prepare graduate and advanced undergraduate students to
attend CTCS02, through mini-courses in the basic areas underlying the
fields of the conference. We anticipate offering minicourses in the
following areas:

Introduction to Category Theory
Introduction to Categorical Logic 
Communication and Concurrency
Game Semantics 
Linear Logic
There will possibly be other minicourses offered as well, depending
on the interests of the participants. 

We have also received funds from Centre de Recherches Mathematiques 
(CRM, Montreal) to reimburse some travel expenses and dormitory 
accomodations. To apply for this money, we ask that you contact 
us and include the following information:

1) A one-page email letter stating your background as well as why you 
are interested in attending. 
2) The letter should also state whether you have access to any other
funding to attend.
3) An email letter of reference from your supervisor or an appropriate 
other person.

Preference will be given to students working in the areas covered by CTCS.

All applications must be received by March 5. We will contact people
shortly thereafter. Please send material to ctcs02@mathstat.uottawa.ca, or
to one of us.

Rick Blute (rblute@mathstat.uottawa.ca)
Phil Scott (phil@site.uottawa.ca)

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Ottawa