Postdoc in lightweight formal methods for software engineering

[ This postdoc position is still open.  The start date has been pushed
  ahead.  Please forward this message to anyone that you know who:
  (a) you think might be qualified; and
  (b) either is a recent PhD graduate, or will be finished their PhD
  within two months, or is a PhD graduate now looking for a position.
  Thanks  --Jamie. ]

                  Postdoctoral Fellowship Position
                   Department of Computer Science
                   University of Western Ontario

A one-year postdoctoral fellowship is available in the area of lightweight
formal methods for software engineering, funded in part by Nokia Corp.,
NSERC (Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada) and the
Faculty of Science, University of Western Ontario.

The project title is "Reliability and Quality Assurance of Public Network
Software".  The project aims to develop and extend tools and techniques to
support lightweight formal approaches to software testing and verification,
with a particular emphasis on networked applications.  Current work
includes the development of an open-source WAP browser and its conformance
verification using formally-defined test oracles.  Planned future work
includes empirical studies and development and integration of test
coverage, theorem-proving and test case generation capabilities.
The project leader is Jamie Andrews.

The successful candidate should have a PhD or equivalent research
background in one or more of the following fields:
- Software testing
- Formal (e.g. algebraic) specification of software
- Protocol conformance testing
- Hoare logic or related formalisms for proving properties of programs
- Empirical studies of software engineering
Desirable criteria include relevant industrial experience and experience
with logic programming.

The position is at the Department of Computer Science, University of
Western Ontario.  The University of Western Ontario (est. 1878) is located
on 155 hectares of land along the banks of the Thames River in London,
Ontario, Canada.  London is a city of about 400,000 people, about halfway
between Toronto, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan, and midway between three
of the Great Lakes.

The salary is CND$37,500-$40,000 including benefits, depending on
qualifications and experience.  Please send a CV, including names and
addresses of three referees (PostScript or PDF, no MSWord please), as soon
as possible, to Jamie Andrews (andrews@csd.uwo.ca).  The position will
begin around May 1, 2002.

--Jamie Andrews.
  Assistant Professor
  Dept. of Computer Science
  Univ. of Western Ontario
  London, Ont. CANADA N6A 5B7