F-WAN: Extended Submission Deadline

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         a relevant role in the development of the subject. 
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	  F-WAN: Foundations of Wide Area Network Computing


		      co-located with ICALP2002
		    12-13 July 2002, Málaga Spain

	      Final Call -- Extended Submission Deadline

Aims and Scope

 The growing diffusion of internet services and applications is
 promoting global computing as an emerging model of computation. Based
 on mobility of code and computation on networks with highly dynamic
 topologies, the model needs effective infrastructures to support the
 coordination and control of components loaded at runtime from
 untrusted sources, as well as semantic frameworks to reason on the
 behaviour and properties of applications. 

 Foundations of Wide Area Network Computing focuses on semantics
 aspects of global computing, and invites submissions of original
 scientific work thereof. A non-exclusive list of topics includes:
 calculi, models, and semantic theories of concurrent, distributed,
 mobile, global-computingsystems; languages, security and types for
 global computing. 

 The workshop proceedings will be published in the ENTCS series and a
 selection of papers will appear in a special issue of the Journal of
 Theoretical Computer Science. It will be held as a ICALP2002 satellite
 event under the auspices of the EATCS. 

Invited Speakers

    * Martín Abadi (UC Santa Cruz)
    * Luca Cardelli (Microsoft)
    * Matthew Hennessy (Sussex)
    * Jim Waldo (SUN Microsystems)

Programme Committee

    * Cédric Fournet (Microsoft)
    * Andrew Gordon (Microsoft)
    * Alan Jeffrey (De Paul, Chicago)
    * Ugo Montanari (Pisa)
    * Catuscia Palamidessi (PennState)
    * Benjamin Pierce (UPenn)
    * Davide Sangiorgi (INRIA)
    * Vladimiro Sassone (Sussex, chair)
    * Peter Sewell (Cambridge)

Important Dates

 Submission        9 Apr 2002
 Notification     18 Jun 2002
 PreFinal version  1 Jul 2002
 Final version    31 Jul 2002


 Authors are invited to submit an extended abstract of their papers,
 presenting original contributions to the workshop themes. Submissions
 should be in English and not exceed 15 standard pages. They should be
 sent as PS or PDF files to fwan@cogs.susx.ac.uk and be accompanied by
 a text-only message containing: title, abstract and keywords, the
 authors' full names, and address and e-mail for correspondence. 
 Simultaneous submission to other meetings with published proceedings
 is not allowed.  

Organising Committee

    * Inmaculada Fortes Ruiz, Llanos Mora, Rafael Morales, Francisco
      Triguero (Málaga) 


 The workshop will be held under the auspices of EATCS, the European
 Association of Theoretical Computer Science.