Master Program Software Technology at Utrecht University

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Starting in September 2002, Utrecht University (The Netherlands) will offer the

	Master Program Software Technology

The ST program studies all techniques that may be employed in the production of
actual software. We do so by starting from sound theoretical foundations, with
a strong focus on real applicability. It includes programming methodology,
programming formalisms (languages), programming tools, software architectures,
component based programming, specification formalisms and verification
techniques (correctness proofs, theorem proving).

The Master Program is internationally oriented: the program is open to foreign
students, and courses are taught in English. Students have the opportunity to
follow courses and do projects at foreign universities and institutes. There
are two streams in the program: a research-oriented track for students with a
desire to obtain a PhD position or a research position in a company, and an
industry-oriented track for students who are interested in jobs as software
designer in industry. The program results in a degree Master of Science in
Computer Science. The program is offered by the Center for Software Technology,
of the Institute of Information and Computing Sciences at Utrecht University.

The deadline for sending in applications for admission to the program is May
15, 2002.

For more information about the program see


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