Research associate position at JAIST

  Research Associate Position in Database Systems and Programming Languages

         Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST)
                        School of Information Science
                               Ishikawa, Japan

A research associate position is available at JAIST. We seek candidates with
research interests in all areas of database systems and programming
languages, including the following areas

   * in databases systems:
        o database systems for semistructured data and XML
        o database programming languages
        o web retrieval
        o database security
   * in programming languages:
        o type theory and proof theory for programming languages
        o language design and implementation
        o distributed and web programming
        o security and verification

The appointment is for five years, starting as soon as possible. A
successful candidate must have (or expected to obtain by the time of
appointment) a PhD in computer science or closely related fields, and
demonstrate strong research potential. Knowledge of Japanese is not

This is a full-time employment at a Japanese national university, whose
salary is on the age and experience related grade of academic staffs of
Japanese national universities. JAIST will provide research facilities and
research/travel funds. The research associate will also be able to apply
funds for his/her own research projects.

The research associate will carry out independent researches according to
his/her own interests. The duty of the position does not include course
teaching. He or she is also encouraged to work in cooperation with the
members of the research group or other research staffs of JAIST conducting
related research. The current members of the research group are:

   * Atsushi Ohori (ohori@jaist.ac.jp, http://www.jaist.ac.jp/~ohori)
     Programming Languages, Database Languages
   * Keishi Tajima (tajima@jaist.ac.jp, http://www.jaist.ac.jp/~tajima)
     Database Systems, Information Retrieval
   * Rene Vestergaard (vester@jaist.ac.jp, http://www.jaist.ac.jp/~vester)
     Programming Language Theory, Proof Theory

Other related research groups (with primary investigator) at JAIST include:

   * Formal Method (Kokichi Futatsugi)
   * Foundations of Software (Takuya Katayama)
   * Mathematical Logic (Hiroakira Ono)
   * Software Engineering (Koichiro Ochimizu)

JAIST is a graduate institute, founded in 1990, dedicated to research and
graduate education in Knowledge Science, Information Science, and Materials
Science. It is located in the suburbs of Kanazawa, a beautiful old city.
School of Information Science at JAIST is one of largest and most active
research centers in computer science in Japan, consisting of about 50
research staffs, 300 master students and 70 PhD students.

For more information on research environment of our group or JAIST, please
contact one of the group members (ohori@jaist.ac.jp, tajima@jaist.ac.jp,
vester@jaist.ac.jp). Inquiries about application procedure or the nature of
the post should be directed to Atsushi Ohori.

To apply, send the following:
  1. a detailed curriculum vitae,
  2. names of two or three references with their email addresses,
  3. a statement outlining the candidate's past research contribution and
     future research plan, and
  4. copies of selected publications (up to 5)
     Faculty Search (Ref: Programming Languages)
     School of Information Science
     Japan Advanced Institute for Science and Technology
     Tatsunokuchi, Ishikawa, Japan 923-1292
     TEL : +81 761-51-1248, FAX : +81 761-51-1149
In order to be considered fully, all the documents should be arrived by July
31st, 2002.