Call for Papers


		   Special issue on BYTECODE VERIFICATION

The BYTECODE VERIFIER is a component of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that
checks assembly language programs ("bytecodes") for wellformedness, thus
guaranteeing certain safety properties. Essentially, the bytecode verifier is
a program analyzer that checks if the program is welltyped, which implies
type safety of the execution. Due to the subtle type system of the JVM, the
correctness of bytecode verification has been an active research area over
the past 5 years.

This special issue will be devoted to the topic of bytecode verification.  It
is not restricted to the JVM but encompasses related approaches to program
analysis of low level code for the enforcement of safety
properties. Particularly welcome are contributions emphasizing

 (i) the correctness of analysis techniques
(ii) the application of automated or interactive verification techniques.

Manuscripts should be unpublished works and not submitted elsewhere.
Revised and enhanced versions of papers published in conference
proceedings that have not appeared in archival journals are eligible
for submission.  All submissions will be reviewed according to the
usual standards of scholarship and originality.  Information on JAR
submissions can be found at http://www-unix.mcs.anl.gov/JAR/.

Submissions should be sent to the guest editor in ps or pdf format.
In addition, please send as plain text, the title, authors, abstract, and
contact information for the paper.

** The submission deadline is October 13, 2002. **

Guest Editor:
Tobias Nipkow, Technical University of Munich, nipkow@in.tum.de

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