CP-2002 Workshop Programme: Call for Contributions and Participation

                     Call for Participation

                       Workshop Programme 
              Eighth International Conference On
       Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming

                     September 7 - 13, 2002
                        Ithaca, NY, USA



  September 8:       Workshop Programme
Please note that this is a tentative schedule. Please check the 
workshop programme page in the future in order to confirm
the schedule.


   CP-2002 workshops will provide an informal setting where workshop
participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific technical
topics in an atmosphere that fosters the active exchange of ideas.
Workshops are an opportunity to disseminate work in progress or
to promote new and emerging areas within the field of constraints.
The topics of the workshops cover different areas related to
constraints and related cross-disciplinary areas. 

These are the workshops offered:

 * COSOLV'2002: Workshop on Cooperative Solvers in Constraint Programming
   Organizers: H. El Sakkout, T. Fruehwirth, L. Granvilliers, E. Monfroy,
               C. Ringeissen, A. Semenov 
 * RCoRP'02: Fourth Workshop on Rule-Based Constraint Reasoning and Programming
   Organizers: S. Abdennadher, T. Fruehwirth, A. Wolf 
 * MultiCPL'02: International Workshop on Multiparadigm Constraint
                Programming Languages 
   Organizers: M. Hanus, P. Hofstedt, S. Abdennadher 
 * Soft-02: Fourth International Workshop on Soft Constraints 
   Organizers: S. Bistarelli, J. Larrosa, T. Schiex 
 * SymCon'02: Second International Workshop on Symmetry in Constraint
              Satisfaction Problems
   Organizers: P. Flener, J. Pearson 
 * UICS-02: Second International Workshop on User-Interaction in
            Constraint Satisfaction 
   Organizers: B. O'Sullivan, E. C. Freuder 
 * International Workshop on Reformulating Constraint Satisfaction Problems:
   Towards Systematisation and Automation
   Organizers: A. M. Frisch, M. Cadoli, P. Flener, E. Freuder,
               J. Lee, I. Miguel, P. Prosser, T. Walsh 
 * TRICS 2002: Techniques foR Implementing Constraint programming Systems 
   Organizers: M. Carlsson, M. Henz, F. Laburthe, C. Schulte 
 * First International Workshop on Constraints in Formal Verification 
   Organizers: J. Marques-Silva, P. Jackson, K. Sakallah, T. Walsh 

  More details about the workshop programme, and how to submit
papers or participate in the workshops, can be found at


Workshop Chair                                       

Peter van Beek                                       
Department of Computer Science                       
University of Waterloo                               
Waterloo, Ontario                                    
Canada N2L 3G1                                       
Email: vanbeek@uwaterloo.ca                          
Tel: (519) 888-4567, x5344                           
Fax: (519) 885-1208