F-WAN: Programme and Call for Participation

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	  F-WAN: Foundations of Wide Area Network Computing

		    12-13 July 2002, Málaga Spain

		 Programme and Call for Participation

 The programme of F-WAN is as follows. Further details are available
 at the workshop homepage. Registration procedure below.
 Fri 12

  9:00 -- 10:00  Invited talk: Luca Cardelli (Microsoft Research,
		 Spatial Logics for Distributed Systems 
 10:00 -- 10:45  Joachim Gabarró (UPC, Barcelona), Alan Stewart, and
		 Maurice Clint (Queen's U, Belfast), Grab and Go
		 Systems: a CPO approach to concurrent web and
		 grid-based computation 

 11:15 -- 12:00  Nadia Busi and Gianluigi Zavattaro (Bologna), On the
		 Expressiveness of Movement in Pure Mobile Ambients  
 12:00 -- 12:45  Maria G. Vigliotti and Iain Phillips (Imperial,
		 London), Barbs and Congruences for Safe Mobile Ambients

 15:00 -- 16:00  Invited talk (joint with FMICS): Andrew D. Gordon 
		 (Microsoft Research, Cambridge),
		 Authenticity Types for Cryptographic Protocols
 16:00 -- 16:45  Gianluigi Ferrari (Pisa), Eugenio Moggi (Genova) and
		 Rosario Pugliese (Florence), Guardians for
		 Ambient-based Monitoring  

 17:10 -- 17:55  Silvia Crafa, Michele Bugliesi (Venice), and Giuseppe
		 Castagna (ENS, Paris), Information Flow Security for
		 Boxed Ambients 
 Sat 13

  9:00 -- 10:00  Invited talk: Martín Abadi (UC Santa Cruz),
		 Some Recent Security Protocols
 10:00 -- 10:45  Viviana Bono, Ferruccio Damiani, and Paola Giannini
		 (Torino), A Calculus for ``Environment-Aware''

 11:15 -- 12:00  Dominic Duggan (Stevens Institute, NJ), Abstractions
		 for Fault-Tolerant Global Computing 
 12:00 -- 12:45  Florence Germain, Marc Lacoste (France Telecom), and
		 Jean-Bernard Stefani (INRIA Rhône-Alpes), An Abstract
		 Machine for a Higher-Order Distributed Process

 15:00 -- 16:00  Invited talk: Matthew Hennessy (Sussex), 
		 Behavioural Equivalences for Distributed Agents
 16:00 -- 16:45  José-Luis Vivas (Hewlett-Packard Labs, Bristol) and
		 Nobuko Yoshida (Leicester), Dynamic Channel Screening
		 in the Higher Order pi-Calculus  

Registration and Accommodation

 Registration and booking of accommodation are through the ICALP 2002
 organisation at <http://sirius.lcc.uma.es/ICALP2002/> (follow the
 `registration' link). Enquiries can be directed to Marlon Nuñez


 The workshop will be held under the auspices of EATCS, the European
 Association of Theoretical Computer Science.