ESOP'03 CFP -- please post

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          %                                                  %
          %     12th European Symposium on Programming       %
          %                                                  %
          %                      ESOP '03                    %
          %        (a main conferences of ETAPS '03)         % 
          %          http://www.di.unipi.it/ESOP03           %
          %                                                  %
          %    Warszawa, Poland, April 5th -- 13th, 2003     %
          %                                                  %
          %           PRELIMINARY CALL FOR PAPERS            %

ESOP is an annual conference devoted to fundamental issues in the specification
analysis and implementation of programming languages and systems.
This includes

    - design of programming languages and calculi;
    - studies of their formal properties;
    - techniques, methods and tools for their implementation;
    - exploitation of programming styles within different programming paradigms;
    - automatic and manual methods for reasoning about programs; and
    - the design and invention of systems and tools to assist in
      exploitation of the languages.

Contributions bridging the gap between theory and practice are
particularly welcome. Topics traditionally covered by ESOP include:
programming paradigms and their integration, semantics,
calculi of computation, security, advanced type systems,
program analysis, program transformation, and practical algorithms
based on theoretical developments.

Patrick Cousot (ENS, Paris)
Pierpaolo Degano (U Pisa, chair)
Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini (U Torino)
Cedric Fournet (Microsoft Cambridge)
John Hughes (U Chalmers)
Joshua Guttman (MITRE)
John Mitchell (U Stanford)
Alan Mycroft (U Cambridge)
Hanne Riis Nielson (IMM Copenhagen)
Oscar Nierstrasz (U Berne)
Catuscia Palamidessi (INRIA, Paris and Penn State U)
Dave Schmidt (Kansas State U)
Helmut Seidl (U Trier)
Perdita Stevens (U Edinburgh)

Catherine Meadows (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)

URL under construction.
A Special Issue of the Journal of Science of Computer Programming 
will be devoted to selected papers from the conference.

October 18, 2002    Submission deadline
December 13, 2002   Notification of acceptance/rejection
January 17, 2003    Camera-ready version due
April 7 - 11, 2003  ESOP and other ETAPS'03 main conferences