British Logic Colloquium, Birmingham, September 12-14, 2002

		British Logic Colloquium

		   Birmingham, September 12-14, 2002.

This meeting is the annual meeting of the British Logic Colloquium
which is a national body comprising of logicians working within
mathematics, computing science, philosophy and linguistics. The
programme of the meeting will include invited lectures and sessions of
short contributed talks. 

As usual, the Colloquium will include talks on mathematical and
philosophical logic as well as on logic in Computer Science and on
applications of logic. As well as the invited lectures in these areas
we invite contributed talks in the above areas. Submissions for
contributed talks should be sent electronically or by ordinary mail if
this is not possible (see below) by 15th August. Programme time for
contributed talks is limited and postgraduate students will be given
priority if there is insufficient time to hear everyone. 

Invited Speakers

    * Samson Abramsky (Oxford)
    * Ulrich Berger (University of Wales Swansea)
    * Drew Moshier (Chapman University, California)
    * Joel Hamkins (CUNY)
    * Dietrich Kuske (Leicester)
    * David Pym (Bath)
    * John Truss (Leeds)
    * Ian Rumfitt (Oxford)

Special Session

One of the highlights of the meeting this year will be the
presentation by Robin Knight (Oxford) on his counterexample to
Vaught's conjecture. The programme details have yet to be finalized,
but it is hoped that this will be in two sessions: a short session on
the Friday for experts and non-experts alike, and a longer session of
the Saturday with more details for experts.

Special Excursion

The BLC meeting in 2002 will feature a special excursion during the afternoon of the 13th of September to Bletchley Park. Members of the BLC will hardly need reminding that Bletchley Park was where Alan Turing spent much of his time during the second world war decrypting intercepted messages.
Instructions to Speakers

Deadline for the submission of abstracts

15th August.