Kristin Nygaard

    Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 05:17 EDT
    From: Ole Lehrmann Madsen <ole.l.madsen@daimi.au.dk>
    Organization: Aarhus University
    Subject: Kristen Nygaard

    Dear friends of Kristen,

    I am sorry to inform you that my good friend and collaborator
    Kristen Nygaard suddenly died the night before Saturday.

    Kristen was very active to the last minute and as you may know
    he had just got funding for his new ambitious COOL-project.

    Some of you enjoyed his great dinner speach at ECOOP in Malaga
    in June. Later in June he was in Aarhus giving a keynote speach
    at ITiCSE 2002 and we had the usual highly interesting discussions
    with him. It is a great loss that he is no longer with us
    and for me and my family he has been a close friend for almost 30
    years. My wife Marianne and I had the pleasure of spending some good
    days with Johanna and Kristen in Malaga. We will always remember
    Kristen for his good friendship and inspiration.

    --Ole Lehrmann Madsen

    PS. Kristen had a large network of friends all over the world.
    I have sent this mail to people I could find on recent mails
    from Kristen. Please forward this mail to those who should
    be informed and my apology to those I may have forgotten.

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