Call for Papers

Special Issue of Theoretical Computer Science
(TCS-B, Editor-in-Chief: D. Sannella)


Guest Editors:
Lars Birkedal, Martin Escardo,
Achim Jung, Giuseppe Rosolini

Domain theory has had applications to programming language semantics and
logics (lambda-calculus, PCF, LCF), recursion theory (Kleene-Kreisel
countable functionals), general topology (injective spaces, function
spaces, locally compact spaces, Stone duality), topological algebra
(compact Hausdorff semilattices) and analysis (measure, integration,
dynamical systems). Moreover, these applications are related - for
example, Stone duality gives rise to a logic of observable properties of
computational processes.

As such, domain theory is highly interdisciplinary. This year, two
workshops devoted to the subject provided a forum where a large number of
researchers from many different areas presented new ideas and surveyed
past results (in Copenhagen, July 20-21, in Birmingham, September 16-19).

With this call we are soliciting papers relating to Domain Theory in an
essential fashion. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:

* program semantics
* program logics
* probabilistic computation
* exact computation over the real numbers
* lambda calculus
* games
* models of sequential computation
* constructive mathematics
* recursion theory
* realizability
* real analysis
* topology
* locale theory
* metric spaces
* category theory
* topos theory
* type theory


Submissions are invited either in the form of surveys or of original new
results. They should satisfy the usual standards of scholarship and
high-quality of the TCS journal, as well as originality in case of recent

To submit a research article or survey, send 
* either a postscript file or a pdf file to dta@disi.unige.it
* or five (5) paper copies to
  G. Rosolini
  via Dodecaneso 35
  16146 Genova, ITALY

DEADLINE: January 25, 2003

Authors who intend to submit a paper are kindly asked to let us know
in advance.