Professorship opening

Dear Colleagues,

Please find below the description of an opening for a professor position
in programming languages (or related subjects). The deadline for the
applications is January 6th 2003.

Yours sincerely,

Jean-Marie Jacquet




The  University   of  Namur  invites  applications   for  a  full-time
tenure-track academic position in Programmming.


The duties include the  development, together with his/her colleagues,
of courses  and research projects  in the general area  of Programming
(including, but not limited to, language theory, algorithms, logic and
functional   programming,  proofs   of   programs  and/or   artificial
intelligence). The  successful applicants  will have the  potential to
obtain funding  for, and to lead, national  and international research
projects in one of these domains.


The  applicants must  hold  a PhD  in  computer science  or a  related
discipline.  They must  demonstrate  a record  of,  or potential  for,
excellence  in  teaching  and   in  international  level  research  in
programming.  However, candidates  specialized in  other  domains, but
with high potential, will be considered  as well. They will be able to
teach in French, at least after one year.


The  application  must be  submitted  on  the  form available  at  the
following address : FUNDP, Service  du Personnel, rue de Bruxelles 61,
B-5000  Namur, Belgium.  Phone:  +  32 81/72  40  42. Alternately,  an
electronic  version can  be obtained  by  contacting the  Head of  the
Institute of Informatics  (bdi@info.fundp.ac.be). Applications must be
sent by January  6th, 2002, to the Rector of  the University : Recteur
des FUNDP, rue  de Bruxelles, 61, B-5000 Namur,  Belgium. However, the
position will remain open until it is filled.


The  University is located  in Namur,  a nice  100,000-inhabitant town
which is  the capital of Wallonia  (60 km from Brussels  and 2h30 from
Paris).  It has  more than  4,300 students  and a  staff of  about 200
professors,   400  research   associates  and   440  support   staff.

The Institute  of Informatics is  the largest and the  oldest Computer
Science  faculty   in  Belgium.  Its  staff   comprises  16  full-time
professors and about 60 researchers.  It has graduated more than 1,300
Master  and   PhD  students  since   1973.  About  The   Institute  of
Informatics:  http://www.info.fundp.ac.be   About  the  University  of
Namur: http://www.fundp.ac.be