William Cook update and papers

Since my name has been mentioned here a few times recently, but I have not
been very visible for the last few years, you may be wondering what has
become of me. Here's an update.

I am currently CTO at Allegis (www.allegis.com), a successful 100-person
enterprise software company that I founded about 5 years ago. Allegis'
customers include HP, Microsoft, Dow Corning, Schwab, BellSouth, to name a
few. I have been primarily focused on technical innovation, architecture and
hands-on development, but have also done some management and process
improvement work. If anyone is interested in hearing more about my
experience in industry, I would be happy to discuss it in another forum.

For reference, all of my papers and my thesis are now on-line:

Finally, I would like to mention that I am planning to return to research in
the next year (either academic or industrial). My research interests have
expanded somewhat since I last published, to include modeling languages,
software engineering, information systems and security. If anyone would like
to discuss opportunities, I would certainly appreciate it.

William Cook