FICS 03 Call for Papers

                 Fixed Points in Computer Science 
                 A Satellite Workshop to ETAPS'2003
                 12-13 April, 2003, Warsaw, Poland 

                          CALL FOR PAPERS

Aim. Fixed points play a fundamental role in several areas of computer
science and logic by justifying induction and recursive definitions.
The construction and properties of fixed points have been investigated
in many different frameworks such as: design and implementation of
programming languages, program logics, databases. The aim of the
workshop is to provide a forum for researchers to present their
results to those members of the computer science and logic communities
who study or apply the theory of fixed points.  Previous workshops
where held in Brno (1998, MFCS workshop), Paris (2000, LC2000
workshop), Florence (2001, PLI workshop). Copenhagen (2002, LICS

Topics include, but are not restricted to: Construction and reasoning
about properties of fixed points, categorical, metric and ordered
fixed point models, continuous algebras, relation algebras, regular
algebras of finitary and infinitary languages, formal power series,
word and tree automata, the mu-calculus and other programming logics,
fixed points in process algebras and process calculi, fixed points and
the lambda calculus, fixed points in relation to dataflow and
circuits, fixed points in logic programming, databases and complexity

Programme Committee:
 J. Adamek (Braunschweig)
 R. Amadio (Marseille)
 R. Backhouse (Nottingham)
 S. Bloom (Hoboken NJ)
 J. Bradfield (Edinburgh)
 A. Dawar (Cambridge)
 R. De Nicola (Florence)
 Z. Esik (cochair, Szeged)
 I. Guessarian (Paris)
 M. Mislove (Tulane)
 I. Walukiewicz (cochair, Bordeaux)

Invited speakers:
 Martin Grohe (Edinburgh)
 Erich Gradel (Aachen)
 Damian Niwinski (Warsaw)
 Leszek Pacholski (Wroclaw)

Contact person:
 Igor Walukiewicz
 Domaine Universitaire, bat. A30
 351, cours de la Liberation
 33405 Talence Cedex
 phone: +33 5
 fax: +33 5

Paper submission: Authors are invited to send 
three copies of an abstract not exceeding 
three pages to Igor Walukiewicz. Electronic 
submissions in the form of uuencoded postscript 
files are encouraged and can be sent to igw@labri.fr. 
Submissions are to be received before February 14, 2003. 
Authors will be notified of acceptance by March 10, 2003.

Proceedings: Preliminary proceedings containing 
the abstracts of the talks will be available at 
the meeting. Final proceedings will
be published after the meeting as a special issue of
Theoretical Informatics and Application

The meeting will be organized in affiliation to 
ETAPS'03: http://www.mimuw.edu.pl/etaps03

Important Dates:
Submission: February 14, 2003
Notification: March 10, 2003
Final version of the abstract: March 17, 2003

More information is available at the web site