Assistant (PhD) positions at ETH Zurich, concurrency / O-O / proofs

The chair of software engineeering at ETH Zurich has immediate openings
for several assistant positions in connection with grants received from
the Hasler foundation, the ETH and the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Some of the positions are for work on concurrency (the SCOOP approach)
and others for producing object-oriented components equipped with full proofs
of correctness, as part of the general goal of the Trusted Components project.
Before applying you should familiarize yourself with our work at


and in particular with SCOOP (for the work on concurrency), Trusted Components,
our approach to proving classes (see "ongoing work" at the second URL above),
our work on object technology and Eiffel.

We are looking for innovative and dedicated people who have both a strong sense
and experience of practical software engineering and a taste for conceptual analysis,
including formal methods. You should be passionate about software and have experience
in at least some of the following areas:

        Concurrency, distribution, multithreading... 
        Object technology, O-O languages, O-O methodology 
        Component technology 
        Program proving (both the theory -- formal methods -- and its applications) 
        Specific technologies: Eiffel, the B method, .NET 

We favor diversity; it doesn't matter where you come from as long as you have the
ability and enthusiasm to help advance the frontiers of software technology.
ETH administrative requirements specify that you should have a Master's degree
(US, UK, Australia ...) or a degree considered equivalent such as a German-style
Diplom or a French-style DEA. If you are not sure about equivalences feel free
to ask.

Assistants at ETH are paid employees of the university, who pursue a PhD and participate
in the research, teaching and other activities of the chair. The ETH salary and conditions
are attractive, and Zurich has just been voted #1 again in the world for quality of life
(see e.g. http://www.imercer.com/globalcontent/employeemobility/Qualitynewsrelease.asp).

The Chair of Software Engineering is devoted to making a difference to the state of software
by focusing on key issues: trusted components, object technology, components, formally proved
classes, new techniques for teaching programming ("Inverted Curriculum"), concurrency,
distribution, persistence. Technologies of special interest include Eiffel, .NET, B,
component models. We are involved in a number of projects on these topics and regularly
organize workshops and conferences.

For further information or to apply please write to open-positions@se.inf.ethz.ch.

-- Bertrand Meyer
Professor of Software Engineering, ETH Zurich