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                   *** Call for Papers ***
         Workshop on Concurrent Models in Molecular Biology
                 Marseille, 6 September 2003
                 (affiliated with CONCUR'03)

         *** Deadline for submission: 8 June 2003 ***

Post-genomics Systems Biology deals with complex networks of biochemical
interactions. Pionnering work of Regev, Shapiro and various collaborators has
shown that some varieties of pi-calculus may prove excellent tools for
compositional and modular modeling of these networks. The BioConcur workshop is
meant to help in understanding if and how biological systems may be described,
manipulated and analysed with the methods of Concurrency Theory.

Proceedings of the meeting will be published as a volume in Elsevier's ENTCS

There will be one invited lecture by Luca Cardelli (Microsoft Research,
Cambridge) with title "Membrane Interactions".

Vincent Danos and Cosimo Laneve