Paris Kanellakis Memorial Workshop


         Principles of Computing and Knowledge:
         Paris C. Kanellakis Memorial Workshop

    8 June 2003, San Diego, CA (affiliated with FCRC)

This one-day meeting, held in the year of Paris Kanellakis' 50th
birthday, commemorates Paris's legacy to computer science. It is
a retrospective  of his work and a celebration  of his impact on
computer science, through his research and through its influence
on research directions  taken by the computer science community.

The program  will include invited talks by Moshe Vardi, Christos
Papadimitriou, and Gene Myers, winner of the 2001 ACM Kanellakis
Theory and Practice Award.  The day will be capped  by a banquet
where colleagues and friends  will share personal  recollections
of Paris.

The PCK50  workshop  is affiliated  with the ACM 2003  Federated
Computing  Research  Conference  (FCRC  2003);  registration  is
through the FCRC site  (http://www.regmaster.com/fcrc2003.html).
Registration fees are $145 for ACM members, $165 for non-members,
which  INCLUDES  the banquet on June 8.  Student registration is
$50 and does not  include the banquet.  Electronic  registration
includes the OPTION  of individual/extra banquet tickets at $45.

Organizing Committee:   Dina Goldin, Univ. of Connecticut
                        Alex Shvartsman, Univ. of Connecticut
			Scott Smolka, SUNY Stony Brook
			Jeff Vitter, Purdue University
			Stan Zdonik, Brown University

Workshop Program:

  08:30-08:40	Introduction: Workshop Organizers
  08:40-09:40   INVITED LECTURE: Christos Papadimitriou, UC Berkeley
		"The New Problems"
  09:40-10:10	Peter Revesz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
		"A Retrospective on Constraint Databases"
  10:30-11:30	INVITED LECTURE: Moshe Vardi, Rice University
		"A Call to Regularity"
  11:30-12:00	Dina Goldin, University of Connecticut
		"Extending The Constraint Database Framework"
  12:00-12:30	Todd Millstein, University of Washington
		"Static Reasoning about Programs and Queries"
  12:30-14:00	Lunch
  14:00-14:30   Takis Metaxas, Wellesley College
		"Parallel Digital Halftoning by Error-Diffusion"
  14:30-15:00	Scott Smolka, SUNY Stony Brook
		"On the Computational Complexity of Bisumulation, Redux"
  15:00-15:30	Alex Shvartsman, University of Connecticut
		Distributed Cooperation & Adversity: Complexity Trade-Offs
  15:30-16:00	Break
  16:00-17:00	INVITED LECTURE: Gene Myers, UC Berkeley
		(winner of 2001 ACM Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award)
		"Advances in DNA Sequencing"
        17:00	Closing
  17:45-19:00	FCRC event: Turing Lecture
  19:30-21:30	Banquet