ICLP'03 call for posters. Deadline approaching

The deadline for papers has expired, but you are invited to submit a
poster. The deadline for poster submissions is about a week from now!
Note the novelties in the poster format, in particular the short
presentation and the publication of abstracts!

  (in conjunction with FSTTCS'03 and ASIAN'03)
  Final Call for poster submissions
  Mumbai (Bombay), INDIA, 9 - 13 Dec, 2003

The ICLP Posters provide an excellent forum for authors to present
their work in an informal and interactive setting. Posters are ideal
for presenting speculative, late-breaking results or for giving an
introduction to interesting, innovative work. Posters provide authors
with a unique opportunity to make their work highly visible during the
conference and get feedback from the community on the ongoing work.

There are some novelties about the posters this year. The selected
posters will be entitled to have:
  (a) The abstract, up to 2 pages, included in the proceedings of
      ICLP'03 (provided at least one of the authors registers for
  (b) 8 minutes presentation time in a special session of ICLP'03.
  (c) 2 hours time to stand by the poster and explain immediately
      after the presentation and
  (d) a display time of 2 days.

Poster submissions focusing on the following are specifically
encouraged: Tools, applications, current work not yet ready for
publication, PhD thesis summaries (submitted recently or to be
submitted in the next 6 months), research project overviews.

Poster contributions are sought in all areas of logic programming

  Theory (semantic foundations, formalisms, non-monotonic reasoning,
    knowledge representation, inductive logic programming)
  Language issues (constraints, concurrency, objects, coordination,
    higher order, types, modes, programming techniques)
  Implementation (compilation, memory management, virtual machines,
  Environments (program analysis, program transformation, validation
    and verification, debugging)
  Applications (deductive databases, software engineering, natural
    language, web tools, internet agents, artificial intelligence,
    molecular biology)

Posters must be submitted electronically. A submission should
consist of one email to the Poster Chair with subject "ICLP Poster
submission", containing:
  1. the poster in sketch/outline form,  ideally a thumbnail version
     occupying a single page in PDF or  postscript format;
  2. an abstract of one up to three pages explaining the content of
     the presentation;
  3. an accompanying  message containing the title of the contribution,
     contact  information (address and email), names and affiliations
     of the authors (as you would like them listed in a program), and
     an indication of whether you require a table, chair, and power
     for your  laptop.
1 and 2 should be attached, 3 should be the main body of the message.

* Submission deadline: June 28, 2003
  Notification:        July 26, 2003

* Poster Chair: M.R.K. Krishna Rao (his email address can be found on
the web page)

* Web page: http://www.tcs.tifr.res.in/~iclp03/callpapers.htm