Graduate School of Language Technology


GSLT is a graduate school in which the
Type Theory Group at Chalmers University is an active partner,
with strong research interests on the borderline of formal and
natural languages.


The  Swedish national Graduate School of Language Technology (GSLT)
announces four year graduate fellowships beginning 1st Jan. 2004
(application deadline 22nd Sept., 2003).  Information and an
application form is to be found on http://www.gslt.hum.gu.se/application/

The Graduate School of Language Technology (GSLT) is a national
graduate school for which Göteborg University (Faculty of Arts) is the
coordinating host.  Students may be registered at any of the following
academic institutions in addition to Göteborg University:

University College of Borås, Chalmers University of Technology, KTH
(Royal Institute of Technology), Linköping University, Lund
University, University of Skövde, Stockholm University, Uppsala
University and Växjö University

Supervision is also available from SICS (Swedish Institute of Computer

The school offers a doctoral programme in language technology.  One of
its main aims is to provide advanced training in the foundations of
both speech and natural language processing technologies.  The
application areas it currently focusses on are communicative systems,
translation systems, authoring tools, information access and computer
assisted language learning.

It is committed to an international profile and welcomes applications
from outside of Sweden.

Robin Cooper
Professor of Computational Linguistics
Director, GSLT

email info@gslt.hum.gu.se
tel +46-31-773 2536
fax +46-31-773 4853
address GSLT
        Faculty of Arts
        Göteborg University
        Box 200
        SE 405 30 Göteborg