PLAN-X 2004 Call for Participation

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                    Call for Participation
                         PLAN-X 2004
           Programming Language Technologies for XML
              A workshop colocated with POPL 2004
                       13 January 2004 
                        Venice, Italy

The workshop aims at providing a meeting ground for researchers from the XML, 
programming language, and database communities. XML is already a de-facto 
industry standard for data exchange, it has from an early stage been embraced 
by database researchers, and it is gaining increasing interest from programming
language researchers.

Accepted papers:

"Greedy regular expression matching"
     Alain Frisch and Luca Cardell
"Regular expression filters for XML"
     Haruo Hosoya
"Regular tree language recognition with static information"
     Alain Frisch
"UpdateX - An XQuery-Based Language for Processing Updates in XML"
     Gargi Sur, Joachim Hammer, and Jérôme Siméon
"Efficient XPath Axis Evaluation for DOM Data Structures"
     Jan Hidders and Philippe Michiels
"STAX: A binding compiler for event-based XML data binding APIs"
     Florian Reuter and Norbert Luttenberger
"Mixing XML/Relational Data Processing"
     Yana Kadiyska and Dan Suciu
"A Language for Bi-Directional Tree Transformations"
     Michael Greenwald, Jonathan Moore, Benjamin Pierce, and Alan Schmitt

Registration jointly with POPL'04: <URL:http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~dpw/popl/04/>.
Further information at <URL:http://www.brics.dk/~mis/planx>.

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