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Amateur Radio Club News


New Club Officers Elected

The following officers were elected at the Club's February 17, 2017 meeting:

President - Brett Bell

Vice President - Andrew Fischer


W3KZ operates from campus for ARRL Sweepstakes Phone and ARRL 10M Contests.

Now that the Club is radio-active on campus, W3KZ has been participating in contests on SSB.

Amateur Radio Club W3KZ is back On-The-Air

On September 24, 2012, the Amateur Radio Club was able to activate the new station - W3KZ - in the Moore School Building and had an SSB QSO with 5Q4B in Denmark on 17 meters.

New Faculty Advisor Named

I am very pleased to report that the Club has a new Faculty Advisor - Prof. Jonathan Smith. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Smith to the Club.

Contest Results - ARRL Sweepstakes 2006 - CW

Jan, K5MA announces that W3ABT is listed as the number one station in Class B in the Eastern Massachusetts Section and the number nineteen station overall in the New England Division with a score of 87,934 points, 571 QSO's and 77 sections. Great job Jan!

Contest Results - ARRL Sweepstakes 2006 - Phone

Fred, K3BHX announces that W3ABT is listed as the number one School Club in the Atlantic Division and the number seven School Club overall with a score of 51,948 points, 333 QSO's and 78 sections. Great job Fred!

Our W3KZ Callsign is back !

The FCC approved our request that returns W3KZ to the University of Pennsylvania effective April 17, 2007.

W3KZ was the Club callsign from 1928 until the early 1930s.

Callsigns W3ABT and N3KZ have been retained in this process as these callsigns have meaning to many Club members.

All three callsigns will be used by the Club going forward.


Contest Results - CQWW WPX 2006

W3ABT is listed as third from the top in the USA First Call Area with 3,324,564 points, 1737 QSO's and 662 prefixes (single op, all bands, high power). 


W3ABT Strategic Plan is Released

Thanks to Club Member Terry K7YNO, the Club has a document that is sure to facilitate discussion related to the future Club station at Penn. Please provide your comments directly to Terry at his www.qrz.com e-mail address.


New Club Officers Elected

The following officers were elected at the November 27, 2006 meeting:

President - Russ Miller

Vice President - Donald Ying

Secretary - Jan Carman

Treasurer - Mike Feeley


New Faculty Advisor Named

Thanks to the ongoing support of the University, we have a newly appointed Faculty Advisor. We are very happy to announce that Prof. Saswati Sarkar from Network Communications Systems is our new Faculty Advisor. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Sarkar to the Club.

Our W3ABT Callsign is back !

The FCC approved our request that returns W3ABT to the University of Pennsylvania effective January 10, 2006.

W3ABT was the Club callsign from the 1930's until 1977 when the Club requested N3KZ to memorialize the Club's first callsign 3KZ.

Callsign N3KZ will be retained in this process as it has meaning to Club members from the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's.

Both callsigns will be used by the Club going forward.

How to Request Use of Club callsign

For most situations, just sending Jim Talens an email request containing the dates the call will be used and who the operator(s) will be is all that’s needed.  It will work on a first-come-first-served procedure unless there is justification for an exception, which would be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Permission to use the callsign will be given by a return email message.  Needless to say, anyone using the callsign must comply with all FCC rules and must use the station only on the frequencies authorized for use by the operator under his or her own license.  If the callsign is going to be used by multiple operators, such as at a multi-op contest station, the member seeking permission is responsible for all legal compliance. Use email address  to request the use of the Club callsign.

QSL Policy 

Normally, QSLing will be handled by WA3FRP because mail for the club will come to the station address on campus, which Russ retrieves.  However, he needs copies of logs for all operations. It will be helpful if everyone would keep an electronic log in ADIF or Cabrillo format. For contests or other events from which more than the occasional QSL is likely, Russ will gather incoming cards and send them to the authorized user of the club callsign for response.  Our policy is to QSL 100% for all incoming cards.  The club will expect reimbursement for dispatch of both incoming and blank cards to the responsible operator, and for the cards themselves in cases where a large number of incoming cards are evident.

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University of Pennsylvania - Amateur Radio Club
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