UPOC Website

Screenshot of UPOC homepage 8/9/17
Captured image of website homepage, August 9, 2017

The website was completely rebuilt and designed under the purpose of creating a database for members to research local trips that could be taken as well as for members to aggregate previously completed trips. Additionally the website acts as a point of contact for non-members interested in joining our organization.

Screenshot utilizing MagicSuggest tagging
MagicSuggest tagging linked to a MongoDB collection to provide up-to-date tags as determined by admins.

Current technologies used in the website are Google Maps integration (markers, maps, places), passport.js authentication, MongoDB backend, MagicSuggest tagging frontend, admin capabilities such as deletion and tag creation, pagination, error messaging, session management, database filtering by tag, distance, and name, and more. The project was developed in Node.js and utilizes express.js as its framework with EJS as its templating engine. The front-end is a modified version of the open-source one-page Bootstrap theme Agency.

Screenshot of Google Places integration
Utilization of Google Places location database for quick autofill of trip locations and relevant information.

The site was developed locally with git version control, and then later deployed as a beta rollout using Heroku. Currently the site is still in an open beta. Future improvements include profile editing, location ratings and comments, and additional log-in possibilites such as Facebook or Twitter.