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. Synthesizing Datalog programs using numerical relaxation. In IJCAI, 2019.


. Continuously Reasoning about Programs via Differential Bayesian Inference. In PLDI (Distinguished Paper Award), 2019.

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. Learning a Meta-Solver for Syntax-Guided Program Synthesis. In ICLR, 2019.

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. Learning Loop Invariants for Program Verification. In NeurIPS (spotlight), 2018.

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. Syntax-Guided Synthesis of Datalog Programs. In FSE, 2018.

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. Difflog: Beyond Deductive Methods in Program Analysis. In Machine Learning for Programming, 2018.


. Effective Interactive Resolution of Static Analysis Alarms. In OOPSLA, 2017.


. On Incremental Core-Guided MaxSAT Solving. In CP, 2016.

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. APISan: Sanitizing API Usages through Semantic Cross-checking. In USENIX Security (Nominated as a finalist in CSAW Best Applied Research Paper), 2016.

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