Yang Lu's Homepage

2012-Present   M.S. Electrical and System Engineering, University of Pennsylvania (GPA: 4.00/4.00)

2012-Present  M.S. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania (GPA: 4.00/4.00)

2012-Present   Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania (GPA: 4.00/4.00) 

2008-2012      B.S. Microelectronics, Department of EECS, Peking University (GPA: 89/100)


Department of Materials Science and Engineering

University of Pennsylvania

3231 Walnut St., Rm 419, LRSM, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6202

Email: yanglu1@seas.upenn.edu


Geoffrey Belton Graduate Fellowship Award (2015)

IEEE EDS Masters Student Fellowship (one award in the US) (2013)       

Best Undergraduate Thesis in EECS (ten awards out of 300+ applicants), Peking University (2012) 

EMC Corporation Scholarship, Peking University (2011)

Tianchuang Corporation Scholarship, Peking University (2010)

Third Prize in ACM programming contest, Peking University (2010)

Fangzheng (Founder-Tech) Corporation Scholarship, Peking University (2009)

Third Prize in National Undergraduate Physics Competition (2009)

First Prize at the provincial level in National High School Physics Olympic Competition (2007)


Ph.D. Thesis Project: 1D/3D Metal-Insulator Transitions in Amorphous Thin Films Associated with Electron-Phonon Interactions for Memory Applications (Advisor: Dr. I-Wei Chen)

Details of my PhD project will be available after they are published.

Undergraduate Thesis: Mechanism and Modeling of Resistive Switching Characteristics in Oxide Based RRAM (Advisor: Dr. Jinfeng Kang)

Proposed physical origins of endurance degradation, correlated them with oxygen vacancy accumulation

Developed a simplified model for RESET switching to evaluate RRAM characteristics.

Proposed optimized operation modes of pulse voltage and wave form to improve device performance.    

Click to download my undergraduate thesis.
Conferences Presentations

[1]      I-Wei Chen and Yang Lu. "Non-Volatile Resistance Switching Devices". United States Patent Application No. 62/001,374 (Attorney Docket Number: 103241.005939/14-7119).

[2]      I-Wei Chen and Yang Lu. "Mechanical Forming Of Resistive Memory Devices". United States Patent Application No. 14/507,977 (Attorney Docket Number: 104377.000183 /15-7226). 

Teaching Experiences

Spring 2016: MSE 520 Structure of Materials Teaching Assistant (Student Rating: 3.69/4.00)

Fall 2015: MSE 536 Electronic Properties of Materials Teaching Assistant

Spring 2015: Teaching assistant for MSE 520: Structure of Materials (Student Rating: 2.94/4.00)

Fall 2014: Teaching assistant for MSE 536: Electronic Properties of Materials

Spring 2014: MSE 520 Structure of Materials Teaching Assistant (Student Rating: 3.00/4.00)

Technique Skills

Thin Film Deposition: magnetron sputtering (using DC or RF power), E-beam Evopration, Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD), and Chemical Vapor Deposiiton (CVD).

Photolithography Process

Thin Film Characterization: Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) including Energy-dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (EDX), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), and X-ray Diffraction (XRD).

Electrical Measurment using Probe Station: DC measurement, AC impedance analysis (cole-cole plot), pulse measurement, and Labview Programming.

Low Temperature Measurement of DC Resistivity: wire bonding to cells of 200 um, measurement of (magneto)resistance at various temperatures/fields/sample orientations using Quantum Design PPMS.

Computer Simulation: Molecular Static, Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo by Fortran; DFT calculation using Quantum Espresso (PWscf), Digital Signal Processing in Matlab, and Quantum Simulation by QuTip.

Cadence VLSI Design: Verilog behavioral/functional simulation, transistor level circuit simulation and layout design.

Data Analysis: familiar with data analysis and curve fittings by Origin, Matlab, and Excel.

[1]     Lu, Y., & Chen, I. W. (2016) "Pressure induces filamentary insulator-to-metal transition in amorphous oxides and their memristors" Under review.

[2]     Lu, Y., Lee, J. H., Yang, X., & Chen, I. W. (2016) "Distinguishing Uniform Switching from Filamentary Switching in Resistance Memory Using a Fracture Test" Under review.

[3]     Yang, X., Lu, Y., Lee, J. H., & Chen, I-Wei. (2016) "Tuning resitance state by thickness control in an electroforming-free nanometallic complementary resistsance access memory", Applied Physics Letters, 108(1), 013506. DOI: 10.1063/1.499443.

[4]    Lu, Y., Lee, J. H., & Chen, I-Wei. (2015) "Nanofilament dynamics in resitsance memory: model and validation", ACS Nano, 9(7), 7649-7660. DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.5b0032.

[5]         Lu, Y., Gao, B., Fu, Y. H., Chen, B., Liu, L. F., Liu, X. Y., & Kang, J. F. (2012) "A simplified model for resistive switching of oxide-based resistive random access memory services", Electron Device Letters, IEEE, 33(3), 306-308.  DOI: 10.1109/LED.2011.2178229.


[1]        Lu, Y., Yang, X., & Chen, I-Wei. "A serial load circuit model for low resistance state in resistance switching memory",  13th Non-Volatile Memory Technology Symposium (NVMTS), August 2013, Minneapolis, MN


[2]        Huang, P., Liu, X. Y., Li, W. H., Deng, Y. X., Chen, B., Lu, Y., et al. (2012, December) "A physically based analytic model of RRAM operation for circuit simulation", Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 2012 IEEE International (pp. 26-6), December 9-12, San Francisco, CA.


[3]         Lu, Y., Chen, B., Gao, B., Fang, Z., Fu, Y. H., Yang, J. Q., et al. "Improvement of endurance degradation for oxide based resistive switching memory devices correlated with oxygen vacancy accumulation effect", IEEE International Reliability Physics Symposium (IRPS), April 2012, Anaheim, CA


[4]        Chen, B., Lu, Y., Gao, B., Fu, Y. H., Zhang, F. F., Huang, P., et al. (2011, December) "Physical mechanisms of endurance degradation in TMO-RRAM", Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 2011 IEEE International (pp. 12-3), December, Washington, D.C.