CIS 455/555:  Internet and Web Systems
Tentative Schedule of Topics - Spring 2010
Dates Topics Detailed Topics Reading
13-Jan Introduction Principles of building systems Lampson
  Project management & debugging tips  
18-Jan   MLK Day (no class)  
20-Jan Server Architectures Common server types:  Web, application, content management Krishnamurthy/Rexford Ch 4 
25-Jan Architectures:  Client-server, P2P, multi-tier, sensor networks HTTP Made Really Easy
  Threads Tanenbaum 3.1
  Monitors, signals, producer-consumer, thread pools, even-driven programming Tanenbaum "Modern OS" 2.3
  Homework 1:  Servlet engine  
27-Jan Naming & Locating Resources Naming and directories, URIs DNS
1-Feb Search strategies  Marshall LDAP intro 
3-Feb Content-based addressing  Heydon & Najork (web crawling)
  Document indexing  
  Homework 1 Milestone 1 due Feb. 3  
8-Feb Representing Data Data representations  Doan et al. Chapter 8
15-Feb Schemas  XSLT Tutorial
  JPEG, MP3, and QT Altinel and Franklin 
17-Feb XML and XPath  
22-Feb XSLT  
  Homework 1 Milestone 2 due Feb. 15  
  Homework 2: Crawling and transforms  
24-Feb Storing, Distributing, and Retrieving Data Partitioning  Stoica et al.  (Chord)
1-Mar Global coordination/directories  Dean & Ghemawat: MapReduce
  Cloud file systems Olston: Pig Latin
15-Mar Peer-to-peer and consistent hashing  Ghemawat et al: Google File System
  Homework 2 Milestone 1 due March 1
  Form project groups  
17-Mar Code Interoperability Remote procedure calls  Tanenbaum 4.2, 10.3 (RPC, RMI)
Web services , SOAP, WSDL, REST SOAP tutorial
UDDI  WSDL tutorial
Service composition   
Form project groups  
8-Mar - 12-Mar   Spring break (no class)  
22-Mar Data Exchange Views as abstractions and mappings  Doan et al. Chapters 2/3
Data integration + warehousing   
Homework 2 Milestone 2 due Mar. 15  
Homework 3:  Distributed hash tables, caching, mash-ups  
  Documents and Ranking Simple pattern recognizers - regexps  Baeza-Yates Chapter 2 
24-Mar Information retrieval models  Baeza-Yates Chapter 8 
29-Mar Web connectivity  Kleinberg et al. 
5-Apr Ranking  Brin & Page: PageRank
7-Apr Web crawlers  Brin & Page: Anatomy
  Collaborative filtering   
  Homework 3 due April 5  
  Begin project planning   
31-Mar MIDTERM  
12-Apr Transactions & Security Application server and TP monitor architectures  Weikum Ch. 19 
14-Apr ACID properties  Lewis Ch. 27 
Two-phase commit  Silberschatz et al. Sections 6.5-6.7
Tanenbaum 9.1-9.4
  Views, access control lists, capabilities   
  Secure transactions and SSL  
  Initial project plan due   
  Caching & Replication Proxies  Krishnamurthy/Rexford Ch. 3, 11
19-Apr Replication and web caching  Tanenbaum 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 7.5
  Consensus for consistency Cooper et al.: PNUTS
26-Apr Second Midterm Second midterm  
    Code complete deadline  
3-May - 11-May   Project demos and reports  
(Final Exam week)