SEAS Green Team

Front row from left: Gabrielle Gary, Jen Shotto, Leandra Davis, Karema Seliem, Liz Brown, Charlotte Merrick, Yolanda Washington. Back row from left: James Sclavunos, Jessica Marcus, Vicky Lee, Laura Neylan, Maryeileen Branford Griffith, Vijay Kumar, Chambrel Jones, Amy Rees, Cheryl Hickey, Chris Niemeyr, Will Fenton, Charity Payne, Doug McGee.

Not Pictured: Patrick McClanahan, Annesia Sin

The Green Team at SEAS is a compilation of volunteer employees seeking to find sustainable solutions to everyday issues within the school’s environment. The group was formed in 2011 by Leandra Davis, Project Manager and Sustainability Coordinator for SEAS. Each member is a representative of a different department, and together they meet once a month to brainstorm potential sustainable projects that will raise awareness to the SEAS community.

Maryeileen Branford Griffith Mechanical Enginering and Applied Mechanics
Leandra Davis Design and Operations
Will Fenton Research and Academic Services
Gabrielle Gary Development and External Partnerships
Cheryl Hickey Computer and Information Science
Chambrel Jones Dean's Office
Vicky Lee Materials Science and Engineering
Jessica Marcus Institute for Research in Cognitive Science
Patrick McClanahan Engineering and Applied Science
Doug McGee Engineering Library
Charlotte Merrick Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Laura Neylan Materials Science and Engineering
Chris Niemeyr Computing and Educational Technology Services
Amy Rees Operational Services
Charity Payne Computer and Information Science
James Sclavunos Design and Operations
Karema Seliem Design and Operations
Jen Shotto Bioengineering
Annesia Sin Towne Business Office
Yolanda Washington Bioengineering

If you have any questions, or are interested in joining please email Karema Seliem.