Karen Winey, TowerBrook Foundation Faculty Fellow and chair of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), works with Demi Moed, MSE senior and Rachleff Scholar, to load a polymer onto the brass heating element of a broadband dielectric spectrometer to measure ionic conductivity.

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Inventing the Future

New GRASP Project Aims to Leverage ‘Embodied Intelligence’ via a Robotic Squirrel

It takes about a year before human infants master their own motor skills well enough to walk. Legged robots don’t have it so easy. Only the most advanced can walk with a smooth, natural gait, and even those can be stymied by a small pile of rubble or sand.

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Using Statistics to Uncover the Truth About Individual Cells

Researchers at Penn Engineering have developed a better method for interpreting data from single-cell RNA sequencing technologies.

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Engineering Enterprise: A Three-Pack Of Startups

Penn Engineers get an early advantage in the startup game. Coursework, competitions, funding and other resources offered by the University infuse students with the interdisciplinary education, experience and support needed to envision and implement impactful solutions to a wide range of global problems.

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Making Complex 3-D Surfaces with 2-D sheets

Researchers have developed a way to create flat sheets of a rubbery material that expand into three-dimensional geometries, such as a human face, when exposed to heat.

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Guinness Recognizes Piccolissimo as World’s Smallest Self-Powered Flying Robot

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Undergraduate Summer Research Projects Honored at Annual Symposium

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The Snow Graphics in ‘Frozen’ Can Predict the Mechanics of Real Avalanches

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PRECISE Seminar: "Injected and Delivered - Fabricating Implicit Control over Actuation Systems by Spoofing Inertial Sensors"

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Penn Engineering Connects: A reception on inclusion

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CBE Seminar: "Electrokinetics, Transport and Stability at Reactive Metal Electrodes in High-energy Batteries"

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Penn Engineering Launches Online Master's in Computer Science

Penn Engineering is now offering its first completely online master's degree, a Master of Computer and Information Technology. MCIT Online is designed to be affordable, at one-third the cost of an on-campus degree, and open to students with no previous background in computer science.

About Penn Engineering

At Penn Engineering, we are preparing the next generation of innovative engineers, entrepreneurs and leaders. Our unique culture of cooperation and teamwork, emphasis on research, and dedicated faculty advisors who teach as well as mentor, provide the ideal environment for the intellectual growth and development of well-rounded global citizens.

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